Tuesday 05-15-12

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  1. Summerlicious Stomach Challenge

    Alright guys you asked for another challenge so here it is!!! It will be 2 months long and it will kick off Monday May 21st. There will be a $15 buy in and 4 people will win at the end of it. Categories include most improved stomach area male and female, and best 6-pack male and female. Here’s what you need to do, have someone take a picture of you in a bathing suit from your neck down (no faces). Email your photo to [email protected] by Saturday. Get your belly measurements taken by a trainer and give a trainer your $15 cash. There will be a challenge every week that will include a lot of abs. But guess what working out and lots of abs will only take you so far. You must get your diet dialed in as well. If you have a six-pack already you may still participate, but just remember the judges are going to pick the winners by before and after photos and measurements. I will have a panel of random judges that will pick the winners. This is going to be fun and a nice jump-start for those summerlicious stomachs we all want!! Get all your stuff done by this Saturday the 19th! Thanks

  2. Perea

    I think a big thank you goes to Dan!! I always seem to find it hard to get into the gym and workout on a consistent basis but Dan is 100% dedicated to CFRC. He has a job, a family, and along with Shelly runs CFRC. He not only got his athletes ready for competing but also himself. That is a huge commitment. You will find it hard to find another gym that is home to a #1 and #14 individual and a team that placed #6!!! Its just the beginning for this gym. I remember the small gym when I joined in 2010 and I am amazed to see how CFRC has grown.
    So, Thanks Dan and Shelly for all that you do!!!

  3. 0900

    josh p. SP x 155#, 3:50, 4:10, 4:02
    Oriana SP x , rowing 4:10, 3:59, 3:57
    Jon P. 15:06rx (20# vest)
    Marguerite SP 55# row app 12:14 (total)
    Brittani SP 50# 4:11, 4:20, 4:11
    Paul S #120 SP 3:42, 4:28, 4:19= 15:05 + volume m/u
    todd 5:07 5:16 5:20 = 15:43
    Divina 55# split 800 meter 4:22, 4:32, 4:31
    Jon S. 135# 16:38rx

  4. Suttles

    I didn’t get a chance to post on yesterdays blog sooooo…..
    I have two favorite memories from the regionals this past weekend. 1) Jon killing the snatch ladder was pretty AWESOME! 2) Standing next to my brother Jeff watching our little brother and sister in-law with pure pride. Both of us had tears in our eyes while we were SCREAMING for them. I’m pretty sure we trampled over a few innocent bystanders trying to get to them once Randi finished the last muscle-up. Daniel and Shelly you two are amazing athletes and our entire family is very proud of your accomplishments.

  5. 3:30
    jake clemens 13:13
    nicole alvarez 14:29
    Abel in da house 13:12
    Tom 14:01 #145 shoulder press
    Matt F. 2:42, 7:42, 12:39, press 115#
    Peyton 17:34 rx + 25# sand bag; shoulder press 70#
    Meagann 15:55 rx + 25# sand bag: SP 55#
    Brandon 17:02 rx + 50# sand bag & 20 toes to bar
    markmcr 18:17 rx, SP#95

  6. 430

    Anthony SP 140# 14:32
    Sergio 15:00
    nette 17:30
    Suttles #70 16:01
    Damion Rucker #165 17:16
    Binley 65# SP 18:07 +25sand bag
    Jesse V: 165#, 19:09
    Cheryl: 55#, 15:43
    anna s. 70#, 16:09 +25 sand bag
    Craig G 95#, 4:30,4:48,4:55=18:13 +50#sandbag
    Jamie 80#, 17:28

  7. Perea I completely agree with you. Dan Mielke puts his heart and sole into CFRC:) He truly does. It takes a lot out of a man to coach and compete at the same time. Our rankings this year as a gym has earned us respect throughout the Crossfit community. Its not luck, its hard work, and he deserves it. Thank you Peanut Butter Cups. What a difference from 3 years ago:)

  8. 1830

    Jason Alexander run:4:49 row:3:17, 3:07 135# rep
    John G 105#, 15:01
    Lo 75#, 16:15
    Todd Porter: 16:44 #125 5xsp #145 4xsp
    Rachel – 45 PP/ 17:24
    Mike F : 95#, 15:50
    Ashleigh 70#; 18:40
    Cliff: 145#; 18:05
    Robin O: 65#; 17:18 (50# sandbag 1st lap ~ Erin what??)
    Edwin 105# 17:55
    ALI 115# 17:19
    FERCIA #45 21:07
    Katie #45 22:35