Monday 05-14-12

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  1. Brittani

    congrats team CFRC, Jon and Erik!
    my fav moment at regionals: squeezing my son Van up to the front and putting him on the railing to cheer on our team.
    then found myself talking to guys from crossfit crown town at Trader Jos today about regionals…so proud to say I belong to CFRC!

  2. Lacey

    My favorite moment was in the middle of a team Wod when Dan realized Shelly was fading from dehydration, ran and got a bottle of water to pour on her, and they both continued without missing a beat. First, it was adorable. Second, great show of being in tune with your team. Third, Shelly is a badass!

  3. My favorite moment was being witness to what CFRC has become… A BEAUTIFUL COMMUNITY! Thank you to everyone for being such an amazing group of people.

  4. Gaby

    Favorite moment definitely team event 6!!! I had tears in my eyes!!! Congrats CFRC you looked amazing out there! Congratulations to Erik and Jon you both are so inspiring to watch.

  5. Margie Molino

    My favorite moment was when Dan & Shelly were walking away from greeting her parents. After that, they were walking back to their team and there was a moment they looked at each other, smiled and gave each other a big hug.(Awe!!) Later that day, Steve told me he saw the same moment:) We are so proud of how far they have come!

  6. Dee & Josh

    Congratulations Jon, Erik and team! We were so excited to check the results and are so proud of all of you – you killed it! We wish we were there to watch you guys and are dying to see some videos. If anyone has them, please post on facebook for us! Our favorite part of regionals was to check results when we were able to find internet last night 🙂

  7. Richard Cruz

    My favorite was everything CFRC. Watching our team and individuals give it their best. Yelling and cheering for them. High fiving them as they entered the arena. Watching them prepare mentally backstage prior to the competition and Watching the videos when I got home. It was awesome. We have an amazing family spirit at CFRC!!!

  8. JD

    Favorite moment was Team Event 6 when Randi nailed her last muscle up a second before the team next to us & the Sea of Red went crazy. It was a very inspiring moment & great ending to an incredible weekend.

  9. Craig W. 16:28 (#95)
    Margie; 19:02 #45 10-9 g/b band :8-1 b/b band hspu
    CASEY 20:17 45LBS. 2 AB MAT HSPU
    Autumn 21:17 80lbs KIP HSPU
    Brittani 15:57 55# box
    todd 17:56 box
    Adriane 18:54 55 lbs box
    jake 22:15 95lbs last 4 with a box
    Donny 24:15 110lbs
    Nathan: 22:36 #65
    Marguerite 23:14 25 lbs 20 bow
    paul s 23:38 #140

  10. Jamie

    I have to agree with JD Team WOD #6 when Randi made that last muscle up just before the other team WOW…Exciting!
    So Proud of ALL of you you did a phenomenal job!!

  11. 10:00 Class

    LaMarre 18:36 165Lbs HSPU rx
    Monica 15:22 50# box
    Cheryl 20:45 80# box
    Joyce 21:44 65lbs/ box
    Jesse 23:26 115# / box
    Kaleb 32:01 155#/ 2 abmats
    Ailee 25:22 85#/ box
    Jason Alexander 135# 1 abmat

  12. Armando

    Congrats to Dan, Shelly and the rest of the RC Crossfit team that performed! Wish I could have been there to see you guys! Thanks for making me feel welcomed every year I come back.

  13. Tom

    I think it was workout #4, but watching Eric push himself and kick ass, then collapse was inspiring. But then watching him get up and go cheer on his competitors, reminded me why i do this.

  14. JODIE

    My favorite and most inspiring moment was watching the #4 Marathon Team WOD (could that WOD have been any longer!?!). It was the hottest part of the day as I was watching Shelly and Kristen on the pullup bar, dehydrated and completely exhausted! I will never forget the looks on their faces…agony, pain and sheer determination to keep pulling themselves up and not to give up! Then I was completly amazed to see them run back and just bust out the overhead squats like it was nothing!!! They truly inspired me that day and showed what it takes to be “PURE hard core athletes!!!!” Well done ladies!!!!

  15. Abel Muniz

    I was unable to attend this weekend but couldn’t stop checking the games website on my phone. It was cool to see Shelly in the videos and big Jon on the “front page”. I am humbled, excited and energized to be part of CFRC-what a community of truly amazing people! Shelly and Dan, you have created and cultivated something admirable and awesome! I only wish to be able to compete and represent CFRC in the near future!

  16. Cliff Keyner

    Favorite moments. Being able to judge and see that heartbeat sign right next to me give everything they had during each event. They truly embody our motto “Blood, Sweat, Tears”!!!! It is also amazing how our CFRC athletes have stayed humble and true to themselves. Prior, during and after they take the time to shake our hand, give us a hug or just say hello. That means a lot to us.

  17. Wayne

    The entire weekend was incredible. Having the opportunity to see our athletes and others fulfill months/years of preparation and sacrifice will never be forgotten. The intensity, desire and discipline each athlete endured to perform at that level was inspiring! It’s made me want to work harder and do more!

    When I’m getting my ass kicked in the gym and want to quit I’ll think of Erik, Jon and the Team pushing through those last workouts. They didn’t quit on CFRC, neither will I.

  18. 330
    I think Regionals turned everyone’s beast mode switch on today… everyone went hard. i like it

    josh p. @135# Time: 17:20
    Craig N. 135# 17:25
    Jana V #45 15:15, box
    britney #45 14:40, box
    Corey 21:13 95#
    joiette 20:02 35lbs, box
    markmcr – 24:14, #95, box
    Matt F. 29:36, #165, 1abmat
    Peyton 95# 25:47 hspu 1 abmat
    Robin O. 23:22 95# 24″ box/knees
    Drew 28:14 155 36″ box
    Tom 29:42 135 rx hspu
    Erin 31:53rx
    Jeremy 27:something #165 mod HSPU
    Brandon 30:45 RX
    Ruthie 23:50 45#/box
    Anna P 29:13 75# box
    Armando 26:41 135lbs H/PU Halfway down for 1st5 rnds
    Tanya 25:40 Rx
    Cervantes – 33:04 165lb – rx push ups

  19. 430

    ron 16:50 75 box
    MIke C. 13:56 135#
    jeanette 14:22 45 box
    erik: 19:41 80-100#
    wesley: 13:54RX
    kelsy 23:39 65#, box
    robert g 21:54 115
    Leslie J 21:29 45 box
    Anthony 24:39 155#
    Natalie 24:13 45# boxd
    brenda r 25:01 45# box
    Abel 30:something
    Jamie 27:54 #115 1st rd, then #105, 1 abmat
    Mike F 25:09, 105#, HSPU on Box
    Kristine 23:26 55# Box
    Ana P 31:49 50#, modified(1HS 3PU both)
    Rich P 27:15 135#, box
    jackie H31:56 55# handstand pu rx yeah!!! 🙂
    rique 36:15 185#, box

  20. 6:30 class

    Guillermo – 22:50
    Mark T. 22:30 75# SC – hspu box
    Meagann 24:00 85# blue band hspu
    Kandice 25:24 45lb squats. 1 head stand 2 push ups
    Vanessa 20:30 front squats – 35lbs-box
    Nate L 23:45 (95#/95#PP)
    jeremy 18:35 85# FS/box
    Matt 23:57 65# FS/box
    Ashleigh 27:50 (105#, 2 abmat)
    Todd Porter: 25:39RX

  21. What an emotional and amazing weekend. It truely meant the world to me to have you all there. Dan and I are so dang lucky we have you all.
    Thank you all for coming out to support your team.
    My highlights this weekend was watching wod # 3. JD and Randi are amazing athletes and it takes a lot of skill and strength to do what they did. Not a whole lot of people can one hand snatch beast mode like they did. It was very inspiring. Not to mention they both had incredible pr’s on there snatches the next day. Wod #6 was the cherry on top of the weekend. I couldn’t have been more proud of all my team mate. I was honored to workout side by side with you and represent CFRC.