Tuesday 01-07-14

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  1. A. Just missed 235 (5 times) 🙂

    B. 9 rounds (then wussed out)..then did one more round as a punishment

    C. 5:47 (felt horrible the whole time).

  2. Mike V

    185, Failed 195 a million times! I swear I’m getting worse at the snatch!
    10 Rounds
    8:39RX Suckfest

    300+ Front Squat!!!!!
    400+ Deadlift!!!
    225 Snatch!!!!
    It can be done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F!!!!!

  3. JD

    A. Did some at 95# and wasn’t feeling it today. Did the opens snatch wod yesterday and I think I was beat up from that.
    B. 8 rds. Actually happy with this for now. Needs improvement though. Thanks Mike V, and Jenn for making me pick up the bar on rd 8.
    C. 8:37 rx. Felt sick the entire time. Ring dips were pretty easy.

  4. 6 pm

    Emmitt 12:36 mod
    Leslie 11:08 mod
    Ryan 12:39 mod
    Iliana 9:25 mod
    Dan 13:15 mod
    Tricia 16:23 mod
    Tara16:21 red
    Blake 16:30 mod (row)
    Austin 14:39 rx+ MU’s to ring dips
    Eddie 16:39 mod

  5. Meagann

    A. 110# failed 115# to many times. soooooo sore
    B. 3rds? really bad… then did 3 more for punishment= 6rds
    C. 18:50 started out rx then got purple band for ring dips after i failed 5 in a row!!!!
    Bad day…. arms were completely done and wrist hurt really bad!
    ok enough bitching tomorrow is a new day!

  6. 7:00 p.m.
    Al 10:17 rx
    Alex 14:00 mod
    Lou 17:19 rx
    Jess 16:40 rx (plus edge)
    Luis 14:31 rx
    Nina 13:19 mod
    Gaby 9:49 mod
    Corey 10:54 mod
    Ruthie 12:49 mod
    Kristen 9:10 mod
    Berny 14:46 mod
    Brent – 11:27 rx (plus edge)
    Ryan 9:50 rx (plus edge)
    Dugas 21:30 rx
    Kristen B. 17:11 mod

  7. If you look at Annie’s freeze frame photo right now…you can tell why she’s so badass! Her position is perfect! torso straight up and down…bar is resting perfectly on the shoulders right into her midline…you can tell she’s into her dip, and you can see her knees are perfectly spread out with feet firmly planted onto the ground…Always strive for that perfect form guys…that is the only way you’ll lift to YOUR potential.

  8. Jenn G.

    A. 115 snatch pr, almost got 120
    B. 4 rounds + 7 thrusters + 7 pull ups + 6 burpes – did 2 more rounds after time
    C. 15:44 Rx right shoulder really hurts, need more practice on ring dips.

  9. Berny

    Cash out
    1. Increase all my lifts by up to or more than 50lbs
    2. Make it to regionals.
    3. Make it to the games.

    2 & 3 as a fan, viewer.

  10. Javier

    2014 Goals:
    1) HSPU’s w/out ab mats
    2) Minimum of 50 unbroken double-unders…consistently!
    3) Better Form –> Fewer injuries!

    Bonus – A single muscle up