Thursday 12-15-11

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  1. Nancy

    You guys. It’s almost time for the Christmas Party. I know, i’m excited too.
    Just a friendly reminder Jodie and Kristen are providing their HOME and the DJ (whaaaat??) and us cfrc members are doing foods and drinks so please bring a dessert, appetizer or a drink to share with your friends.

    Also – if anyone has some outdoor heat lamps and/or ice chests/buckets we can borrow for Saturday night let me know. It would be very helpful. 🙂 🙂

    Party starts at 7:00. I’ll be there at 6:57.

  2. I want to send a shout out and thank you to my secert santa. My gift rocked, a certain other trainer said that my coffee mug was a bit feminine but I think its rad. I hope that youre a dude so its not inappropriate when I kiss you.

  3. 900 class

    Joiette 24:59 3 rounds (20″,35# row)
    Brett 32:17 (row, sub’d pushups and squats for BBJ)
    Brandon 28:42rx
    Luis 33:04rx
    John M. 35:34rx
    Jon S. 33:18rx
    Jeff 36:12rx
    Jamie K. 35:31 (45#,13″)
    Craig 38:24rx
    Tanya 27:45rx
    Autumn 17:42 3rounds
    Chris 37:06 (20″,step ups, 35#)

  4. Nancy

    So it sounds like there is a little confusion about the CFRC weekend of fun….so let me break it down for you.

    Here is what you need to know –

    Friday Night – 5:30 and 6:30 classes are canceled, so get your wod in early. We are meeting at the gym at 6:00 – there will be warm drinks for you to enjoy and we will take our annual group photo. Then we will caravan out to that street with all the cool xmas lights and look at all the cool xmas lights. It’s gonna be so much fun.

    Saturday Morning – 9am we are holding a special toy drive WOD. You are welcome to bring your friends and family to this holiday themed partner WOD. Also, we are collecting toys for the Ronald McDonald House so bring a new unwrapped toy 🙂 This, also, is gonna be so much fun.

    Saturday Night – 7:00pm is our CFRC Christmas Party. Bring a plate of food or drinks to share. The address for the party is up on the whiteboard at the gym. There will be a DJ and all your favorite people are going to be there so you should probably plan on making it. We are still looking for heat lamps and ice chests so if you know of some let us know. Also, dress to impress – I’m wearing a green dress with a bow on it. I put it on last night and I looked like a giant Christmas Present. I think you guys are all gonna have a really good time at this party.

  5. Richard 31;34rx
    Craig 46:10 #65
    Kristn M – 28:15 #45
    Kristine 33:48 #15
    Anthony 40:40 row
    Mike F – 46:40 #65
    JD – 27:00rx
    ROn – 53:40 #65
    Robin – 42:01rx

  6. 330
    Scott 30:54rx
    Drew 33:37rx
    Brad 35:20 row/run first wod yah!!!!! 🙂
    Melissa 34:42 20″, row
    Dominic 44:02 75#, row
    Jessy 41:13 row, 45#

  7. 430
    Dave A. 21:29rx
    Jon P 22:20 rx+
    Mike V. 22:56rx
    Jenn G. 23:35rx
    Nick Y. 29:39rx
    Anna 31:34 rx
    Johnny G. 32:21rx
    Lex 33:54 75#
    Matt 35:48rx
    Chris 39:51 rx

  8. Ashleigh

    I just wanted to let my Secret Santa know that they are the best and I love that purple workout tape!!! It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen 🙂 Thanks!