Friday 12-16-11

11 Responses

  1. 6amersssss

    Josh 7rds rx
    Ryan 4 rds+run 95#
    Luis 4rds+7dl rx+
    Jason A. 5rds rx
    Matt 4rds rx
    Jesse 4 rds+43 m row
    Randi “Woods” 25:50 row

  2. Suttles

    I am SOOOOOO excited to see Coach Nancy dressed up like a giant Christmas present. This may be the highlight of my holiday season.

  3. Who’s going to bring the biggest amount of “guest” tomorrow for the toy drive? I say we keep track of it and maybe there will be a prize for the member who brings the most participants.

    What do you think?

  4. 330 class

    Jenna 6+run (35#)
    Peyton 5+run rx
    Lamarre 6rx
    Cookie 4+12Dl rx Got her first muscle up today!! watch out!!
    Jeremy 5+7Dl rx
    Melissa 6+200m rx+ (115#)


    Erin 25:08rx
    Cheryl 38:25rx
    Jesse 42:18rx

  5. Dave A. 7rds+run+ 6 dlrx
    JD 7rds rx
    Michelle 5rds+3dl rx
    Matt F. 6rdsrx
    Craig 3rds rx
    Robin 5rds+3 rx
    Nate 6rds+1 sq (subbed squats for dl)
    Kristen 5+run