Thursday 09-27-12

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  1. Rachel R

    Anyone know of a good gym down in San Diego with classes on the weekends? We will be visiting this weekend, thanks!

  2. Edwin

    happy birthday Cheryl from one of your biggest fans! team pain for life!!! happy birthday dave! happy birthday jerry, happy birthday ana! may you all have a beautiful day!

  3. Gaby

    Love that picture Cheryl!! One of the awesomest blog pics ever!!!!! Happy Birthday! Big birthday wishes to Jerry Ana and Dave!

  4. Chris= run rx singles and squats 33:15
    Marguerite 32:01 modified
    Niic P: 34:45 (single under/ball)
    Harvey 32:36 Single unders/ ball
    anna 33:25rx
    44:25 run, 100du with 150 su, 100 du, 50 du and ball and bar assisted pistols

  5. Katie

    Just an FYI: If you are planning on going to BattleFit West this Saturday, the tickets are 13.65 until Midnight tonight. If you wait to buy tickets at the door, the tickets will be 17 plus the service charge. Saving some money is always high on my list!! 🙂

  6. Brittani

    Happy Birthday to my Best Friend Ana P!!
    Only a true crossfitter would show up at 5 am to do powerlifting then 6am bday WOD on her day off!!!
    You rock!
    Love ya
    Britt 🙂

  7. 6:00

    Rachel R- 30:25 singles/ bar pistol
    jackie h: 32:04 singles/bar & ball pistols
    jason c. 25:30 air squats.. singles
    Ann Marie 41:22 singles/bar & ball pistol
    Raquel: 44:37 singles/bar
    Vanessa 44:00 singles/bar
    Liz C.: 47:50 singles/rings
    Binley 44:30 du/ ball pistols

  8. 1900

    Craig N. 22:25
    Todd W. 30:42 modified
    Gaby 33:57 pistols modified
    Gretchen 37:05 modified
    Kristen M. 36:50 su pistols modified
    Ru: 33:23 pistols modified
    fercia 33:40
    phillip 30:35 singles x3 bar pistols
    corey 30:32 3x single, bar pistols
    Kristine 34:40 single, pistols modified
    Cliff: 40:54 RX
    Naman: 40:50 singles, bar pistols
    gretchen 45:13 singles pistols modified
    robert 30:45 2rnds singles pistols modified