Thursday 01-19-12

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  1. Eminem- for heavy lifting
    “out of control” radio station from pandora- for WODs…

    Then shut it all down directly after the WOD…can’t stand loud music when I’m recovering…don’t know why. I also take my shoes off for some weird reason.

  2. IvyLynn

    Ke$ha, Brittany, Lady Gaga….. Sorry guys but Erin has the best WOD music taste !!!!! I love to run to LMFAO pandora station. I like Dans music when he is coaching so I may have to tune in on that!!!

  3. Richard Cruz

    I’m with little D, he’s a cool kid! I need a fast hard beat especially on long run days like today, it makes it a whole lot better. Mike Varnum turned me onto wireless headsets, it changed my life. Love em!

  4. Lesley

    From Home- 27:21… I like LMFAO during short WODs. If it’s a long WOD I like the “Rise Against” playlist on Pandora.

  5. Nirav

    Should have put 1k sprint or something easy as the WOD on the blog, then tell everyone otherwise when they show up

  6. Damn Margie…bringing it back…Love it.

    Oh, and to comment on Shelly’s post…everyone will be doing a 5k. When you pick and choose your workouts…you’re progress stops..That’s the cold hard facts…

  7. Lo

    I love Kanye West type of stuff and Linkin Park for my workouts!

    And I will be in tomorrow doing my 5k with a weight vest. 😉 I love running so I’m super pumped!!!

  8. 330
    Raymond 27:26rx
    Carrie 26:50rx
    Wes 22:24rx
    Melissa 28:10rx

    Ivy 1 lap and 1000m row
    Brad 29:01rx
    Lannette 33:28rx
    Danny R “diane” 10:58rx

  9. Scott B

    Man, I was going to rest today but Shelly made me feel guilty.
    5k/3.11 miles per I Map My Run
    26:43-8:43 min/mile

    Music I perfer:
    Devil Wears Prada
    Killswitch Engage
    We Came as Romans
    Lil Wayne
    Skrillex (Dub Step Mike V.)

  10. Johnny G

    I love it when it feels like a club atmosphere. Not big on the mosh pit feel. I second Dan on the overly loud music.

  11. So I was talking with Shelly and we wanted to recognize the members that don’t “pick and choose” workouts and show up on days like today…knowing that it will suck…but be good for them. And my reward to them will be this: I’m going to randomly pick 2 people out of the hat, that did the 5k today, and offer them 1hr of personal training at a scheduled date with me. (I know…it’s not that big of a deal, but to me…time, especially “private” time, is worth more than a free shirt or something). During this hour, we can go over anything they want…nutrition, gymnastics, powerlifting, olympic lifting, goal setting…whatever! Stay tuned to find out the results. I still need to wait for the last class to go through.

  12. Better yet…let’s see who is a true CFRC-er…if you did the 5k today and have read this post…

    Comment: “I want it” and we just might make the “hat a little smaller”…


  13. Jonathan Martinez

    I am going through Crossfit WITHDRAWALS! I can’t wait to be healthy again, I’ve seen some great WODs including this one!

  14. IvyLynn

    I WANT IT!!!!! P.s Shelly helped me step up my game yesterday and I added weight to my 800m sled pull so my hammi’s and legs were on fire but hey I came in tried and did one lap and rowed thanks to Erin and Nancy so I’m A winner today no matter what 😀

  15. Scott!!!!! Way to come in and get it done. I’m proud of you 🙂 now you won’t feel guilty when you put your head down tonight when you go to bed:) Great job today.

  16. cathy

    Today was my rest day otherwise I would have been there. And I did run today but not for time. I didn’t know what the wod was because I don’t usually check on my off day.

    I want it too!

  17. Since I’m going to bed…

    The two winners are: Wes and Sam… They both did the 5k and both were diligently keeping track of the blog. Congratulations guys.

    Wes and Sam- Please email me first about what you’d like to go over in our session. We’ll have some dialog on specifics and then set up a date and time. I love having one on one time with people and know we’ll bring you one step closer to your goals.

    To everyone else…I plan on doing this often, and it pays to be an active CFRC member on the blog, Facebook and at special events.

  18. Sorry Divina…I know you would of been here, but the rules were…you had to be here with your fellow CrossFitters and had to do the entire 5k.