Friday 01-20-12

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  1. When I get nervous about something like this…I tell myself 3…2…1…GO! and just jump right into it. No reason to sit around and dwell on it. And Camille is right…If you try to compare your times with someone else, then you’re missing the point. You can’t control what other people do, you can only control yourself and should only be competing within…And one second to me, is a victory.

  2. Josh P.

    Put up or shut up….these are the words the run through all cross fitters around the way. Don’t worry about the WOD, just show up and be ready to take care of business.

  3. Since I’m going to bed…

    The two winners are: Wes and Sam… They both did the 5k and both were diligently keeping track of the blog. Congratulations guys.

    Wes and Sam- Please email me first about what you’d like to go over in our session. We’ll have some dialog on specifics and then set up a date and time. I love having one on one time with people and know we’ll bring you one step closer to your goals.

    To everyone else…I plan on doing this often, and it pays to be an active CFRC member on the blog, Facebook and at special events.

  4. Brett

    I’ve done fran twice now, and to be honest I was really looking forward to doing it again. I don’t like her, but I LOVE the feeling of a PR, especially in a wod like this. The last time I did Fran I PR’d by over 3 minutes, which was a huge accomplishment for me! Unfortunately, I injured myself on Monday and won’t be able to do it. For those of you that have never done this wod, just suck it up and go for it, it will end before you know it. The best advice I have is to think of time that you want to get, and do whatever it takes to beat it. Good luck!

  5. Abel

    Taking Fran out on your first date???

    If so, please know that this workout will destroy you. All of the CF workouts are challenging but there is something special about Fran-you’ll see.

    My recommendation is to scale the thruster weight so that you can go further in terms of reps. The descending rep scheme is deceptive and starting any workout with 21 reps of thrusters is a handful. My other tip is not to drop the weight and then clean it up again after you are done resting. Instead, rest the bar on your shoulders, take 3 deep breaths and then go back at it. And last but not least, don’t forget to BREATH regularly.

    Taking Fran out for the first time will be an educational experience. Give it your all and prepare to be humbled. The next time around you should have a better plan of attack and more importantly, a faster time.

    -Wolverine go to bed now.

  6. Randi – 3:54 Rx
    Kristen – 4:40 Rx
    Jen G. – 5:57 Rx

    1st time taking Fran out!!!
    Jamie – 8:46 (45#, green band)
    Matt – 7:57 Rx
    Josh C. – 10:22 (45# green band)
    Jacob – 8:56 (65#)

  7. IvyLynn

    I <3 Fran….. Build a Fran was super fun…. Fran challenge was great ….. Fran is a great way to start the weekend!!!!! Could this mean Fran Fridays R back????

    XoxoxoxoX Ivy

  8. 9am class:

    Brad 6:38 RX
    Gaby (55#,white band)9:24
    Ana (30lbs, green band) 7:34
    Margie (45# Skinny purple) 807
    cindy 45# green 1121
    Nathan 11:40 185
    Tanya 8:17Rx
    jessy 10:09
    Joey 14:35 (75lbs/black)

  9. If anyone is interested a handful of Crossfitters will be out running there butts off this saturday:)

    The Grape Fun Ride and 5k

    Start: Saturday, January 21, 2012 @ 7:30 AM
    End: Saturday, January 21, 2012
    Joseph Filippi Winery & Vineyards
    12467 Baseline Road Rancho Cucamonga, CA

  10. 330

    Jon p. 7:38 rx+ (155#/strict pu)
    Wes 4:09 rx
    Schwaby 6:36rx
    Scott 6:57rx
    Matt 8:58rx
    Phillip 8:03 (75/blue)
    jana V. 8:34 (35/grn)
    Carrie 9:20 (35/blue)
    Melissa 8:23 (blue)
    Todd 7:36rx

    Lacey 28:24 (5K)


    J.D. 3:48rx
    Mike v 3:50rx
    Paul S. 5:50rx
    Nirav 7:15 (75)
    Mike J. 6:41rx
    Craig 5:59rx
    Ashleigh 6:48rx
    Kelsy 12:48 (blue)
    Ami p. 8:06 (45/blue)
    Robin 9:35 (55/blue)

  11. Randi

    I think Jen G said it best this morning, “its NORMAL for your lungs to BURN”.. and that is EXACTLY how I felt for about 30 minutes after FRAN.. haha

  12. Cliff – 5:38rx HUGE PR 🙂
    Anthony – 6:28rx
    Sage – 7:04 (35/blue)
    Kristine – 7:22 (black/35)
    Kelly – 7:56 (45 pp/green)
    Ryan – 8:57 (red)
    Ivy – 9:04 (green)
    Mike – 11:49 (65/green)
    Erik 2:43rx Top Dawg and PR 🙂
    Joe B – 14:24 (blue)
    Rachel B – 6:15 (#35/blue)
    Rachel F – 6:35 (#15/green)
    Ali – 12:40 (blue)
    Babu – 11:20 (55/green)

  13. Robin

    Abel! Thank you for your tips for Fran ~ really helpful for me. This was my first time meeting her and I can’t wait to hang out again. 🙂