Thursday 01-12-12

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  1. Coach Nancy

    Good one Shel – Stadium Chipper 2010 is def at the top of my list….I think Grace with a squat is my all time favorite.

  2. Cecy

    Gosh I LOVE any workout with thrusters – and so it is unfortunate that I believe that there might be a typo on today’s WOD. The mainsite has 12 thruster reps for each round for the Dae Ham WOD. Or is it because we are so bad ass we are doing 9 extra?

  3. Nancy

    Cecy I’m just testing you….and good job you passed the test…but you are still gonna do 9 extra thrusters 😉

  4. My answer is GRACE 🙂 Love clean and jerks!!!

    Ivy 19:47 400 m run/rr/65# thrusters:)
    Mike V. 23:24rx per mainsite
    Wes 24:15 rx mainsite
    Randi 25:45rx mainsite
    Dave J. 26:20 rx mainsite
    Paul 29:26 rx mainsite
    Melissa 75#, rope pull-ups
    Matt 36:02 rope pull-ups

  5. Good pull Shelly…That stadium chipper WOD was ridiculous… WOD that I’m good at…Karen…(not exactly my favorite though). Favorite WOD is always one’s that we make up when Beach Camping…That’s CrossFit at it’s finest…People staring at you thinking you’re crazy, and being on the beach…

  6. Marguarite 29:08 (400 run,9 rr, 25#)
    Rick 34:02 rx
    Garret 30:46 (95#)
    Nick 43:53 rx
    Autumn 38:58 (85#)
    Gaby 44:00 (65#)
    Ashleigh 50:20 rx
    Susan 36:19 (25#plate,rr,45#)
    Clorinda 32:50 (9 pulls from ground,55#)
    Russel 39:15 (95#)

    Rx + to everyone this morning for doing the extra reps. Your all number 1 in my book. Great Job.

    Congrats to Jon S. this morning for getting his first rope climb, unfortunately when he came down he sprained his ankle:( You get to hit the gong next time you come in big dog!!!

  7. Craig

    Anything with a HERO in it. I also love to see burpees and box jumps on the board. Who am I kidding? I love it all. Thanks everyone.

  8. Sage 45/15 31;38
    cliff 33.09rx
    ali 95 35.42
    clarissa 65/15 39.54

    Shout out to my girl Clarissa who’s last working was tonight. Make us proud girl we know that you’ll do great