Sunday 01-05-14

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  1. Did this yesterday after the competition:

    163…Burpees were tough…I actually finished the WOD then waited 10min then basically finished the rest of it…did 17 more power snatches at 165 then did 1 snatch at 205 (thought it was 205, didn’t realize it was 210).

    :good things that I can take away from this since my burpees sucked so bad, is that I’m getting a lot better at going “raw” (no belt, knee sleeves or oly shoes)…and I’m glad I talked myself into going back and finishing all the reps

  2. By the way…I’m super proud of our competitors yesterday..they freaking rocked it! I’m also proud at the big showing we had…Great job CFRC!

  3. Joyce

    Got to the end of the 20 burpees, didn’t get an attempt at the 100lb snatches within the time frame, so I did those 30 after the AMRAP and worked on technique.

  4. Mike V

    A: Got to the 165 with 15 seconds left. Did one rep at 165 after the buzzer. Not by choice 🙂 Thx Shelly! Went into this WOD with the plan of sandbagging it after yesterday’s WODs. About half way through, Mama Milk came over with some pompoms and made me push. Yuck!

    B: Deadlift Programming Week2.

  5. Ryan McClintock

    A: Finished with 28 snatches at 135. My snatches need work… (never gets old) … and so do my burpees…

  6. Peyton Gregory

    Completed this wod today 1/6/2014

    Messed up and did 40 burpees every round like an idiot!!! Got through 30 75# snatches and ended finished with 40 burpees… Didn’t have time to attempt 100# snatch!!!

  7. Meagann

    Did this wod today 1-6-14
    Total 157 … Failed 2 after rep 6 and then got the last one with 5sec left!! Thanks Sean !!