Friday 01-31-14

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  1. Meagann

    Hey my fellow CFRC members!
    I am a Kinesiology student at California State University San Bernardino. In one of my classes we are putting together a cookbook called “Cheat Day” with the hopes of getting it published. The cookbook will be complied of different recipes from athletes showing that if you work hard you can still enjoy some delicious meals. We are asking athletes if they could please help us out and send us their favorite recipe from either childhood or something that has stuck with you since the first time you ate it. Can be any kind of recipe or any type of meal. We would greatly appreciate your help with adding to our collection of very tasty and unique recipes. There is a short and easy to follow questionnaire attached to be filled out to the best of your ability. Also at the end of it is a liability waiver stating that if we end up using your recipe you are allowing us the right to do so. We are doing this with deadlines we have to meet and it would be great if you could get the recipe completed and sent back by February 8Th. Thank you for your time in reading this and if you choose to participate, thank you in advance if you are able to help us out! We appreciate the support.

    Thank you Meagann

    Here is the link for the questionnaire:

  2. Coach Mike L's Class


    chris 17:38mod
    matt 16:51rx
    brandon 16:35rx
    dave j 13:50rx
    marhuerite 18:48mod
    brezy 14:57rx


    michael b. 31:00mod
    shwaby 20:02rx
    josh b 17:48rx

  3. A.80# across (go heavier)
    B. 135-140-145-150-150 (no foot movement)
    C.145, 125 (go heavier)
    D. 19 (Chest didnt hit on 20:(
    C.11:43 rx w/16# wb

  4. A. 150
    B. 225 across (just worked on form)
    C. 315 x 3 250 x 10
    D. 28 (wussed out kept it at butterfly)
    E. 9:59rx (unbroken except the box jumps)

  5. Emmanuel

    A. 105#
    B. 135, 155, 175, 185(fail), 185×1
    C. 210×3, 165×10
    D. Skipped
    E. 18:02rx (gotta work on that engine!!) 🙁

  6. Joe Stegner

    Snatch #95 worked on form
    Hang 136/155/175/185/195 failed second one
    3rm 185 10rm 155
    Skipped c2b
    Wod 16:30 rx

  7. Joyce

    A) 75lbs across (back hurt for some reason)
    B) 135/140/145/150/155
    C) 3 rep/165lbs 10 rep/155lbs (could have gone up on 3 rep, I guess)
    D) 16 unbroken chest to bars
    E) 16:10 RX (half assed it…could have pushed more, but I half assed it)

  8. Ryan McClintock

    A. 95# need help on snatches
    B. 185# across, could have gone heavier
    C. 185#, 155# front squats are weak
    D. 22
    E. 12:09 RX could have taken shorter breaks