Wednesday 11-30-11

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  1. Hey guys if you don’t have your stocking made and hung up then do so today. Some of you have been asking me questions so I will answer them on here because chances are you might have the same question….

    1. Make sure you are bringing something at least, I repeat a least once a week. It can be more than once a week, it could be everyday if you want. Try to keep the limit to $5 a week. I recommend getting lots of little things that add up to about $5 and put something little in their stocking a couple times a week. But again you don’t have to, just make sure you do it at least once!!! Make it fair for everyone.
    2. Last year we ended the secret santa with a $15-$20 gift. We want to do the same this year.
    3. If the person you have is in the gym the same time you are, give your gift to a trainer so they can put it in their stocking.
    4. Have fun with this, and remember you signed up so you have to participate πŸ™‚
    5. Also we have two Jamie K’s so girls come in and put your full last name on your stocking. And if you guys have trouble finding your person’s stocking ask a trainer, they’ll help you find it!

  2. Nancy

    Hey All – they have announced the schedule for Battle of the Boxes this Saturday. Team Trevor/Mike V/Randi/Jenn G are competing at 9:15 and 1:25; Team Milk/Jon P/Shelly/Nancy are competing at 11:45 and 4:05 – – then after that we will all go get some pizza and beer πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    It should be a fun day and we would love to have you all there!!! There is nothing better to working out in front of a sea of red CFRC shirts! The Battle of the Boxes will be at Crossfit Kinnick in Upland. There is a $5 fee for spectators πŸ™‚

  3. Suttles

    I would like to mention to all our Secret Santa’s that a few of us are in a diet challenge this month so PLEASE don’t give me candy! I honestly do not have the willpower to resist it. πŸ™

  4. 1630

    CRAIG: 23:41RX
    JOSH H: 28:22RX
    BROCK: 29:14RX
    RICHARD: 30:30RX
    DAVE A: 26:15RX
    DREW: 39:40
    COOKIE(15#): 36:49
    AMI(15#): 39:28
    CRYSTI: 31:27
    JOE B(B/E): 30:52
    IVY(15#): 37:34
    JULIE(B/E): 39:05
    DEE(15#): 35:39

  5. 1730

    LANDON: 36:11RX
    KEVIN R: 38:32RX
    NIRAV: 30:25RX
    NANCY: 27:55RX
    JACKIE(15#): 33:52
    HEATHER(15#): 32:04
    CECY(B/E): 36:51
    RON(15#): 48:23
    CARRIE(15#): 30:05

  6. Lacey

    Oh, and whoever has my stocking, its the really creative one in which the “a” is a really cool Christmas tree ornament. Its not a new girl named lOcey. Just to clarify… I’ve heard a few comments/ confusions.

  7. Nancy

    K Garcia – 25:27rx
    Jodie – 29:30rx
    Robert G – 34:49rx
    Abel – 33:54rx+ 800m Run
    Rachel – 33:04rx
    Melissa – 37:51 (knees)
    Cliff – 36:38rx
    Ryan – 38:41rx
    Jonny G – 38:13rx
    Dani – 39:14 (#15, knees)
    Jamie – 38:14 (#15, knees)
    Jason Alex – 41:32rx
    Elizabeth – 41:49 (row, #15, knee)
    Phillip – 42:28rx
    Ralph – 46:02rx

  8. Monica

    I’ll be in to hang my stocking and draw a name tomorrow evening. Sorry, been out of town:/ Having Crossfit withdrawls. Lol