Wednesday 07-18-12

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  1. Josh P.

    Edwin, I am so jealous. I was trying to get a pic with her all weekend, but could not catch her.

  2. Robin

    Most recent song to workout playlist: Run the World (Girls) by Beyonce, after hearing it in the Womens final this weekend ~ aptly placed in the elimination by Girls!!

  3. 3:00 cont
    Edwin 22:52 3 rope climbs RX heck yeah the rest modified rope climbs
    thrilled that i got my first 3 rx rope climbs thank you to the coaches for all your help! you have no idea how grateful i am for you guys!

  4. 4:00

    Coach Erik-8:27 Rx’d
    josh p. 12:26rx
    Heidi 16:25 modified
    Bryant `14:58 Rx
    Brandon 12:28 RX
    Shawn 20:00 scaled rope climbs
    kelsy 18:47 1/2 rope climbs, ystrdys wod sub row 26:57

  5. Team Pain; 15:07 mod- midget rope climb..thanks for the socks Mike V. Going to wash them since I got a burn anyway.
    Jesse V: 16:31 mod
    Jamie 12:30 strict pu red
    Gretchen 24:00 ring rows 12,9,6,3
    Nate L: 18:15 Rx
    Kelly: 18:30 Wallsit/ring row

  6. 1800 Class

    LaMarre 8:34 Rx
    Anna P: 13:05 rings
    Bob K: 17:04 prog.
    Chris C; 16:26 w/ rings
    Jordan C: 16:10 RX
    Jason S:18:20 w/rings
    Suttles: 13:44 RX
    Tanya 10:00 Rx
    Stephany- 16:46 2 rx rope climbs- rest on the floor
    jackie: 20:17 kinda rx
    cherie- 19:21 rope climbs
    Mike F 21:15 RX
    Melissa – 21:35 mod rope climb
    Drew 20:04 st pullups (times 3)

  7. 7pm
    phillip 14:32 rx
    Rachel R- 15:40 sub rope for pullups x’s 3/red band
    fercia 16:12 modified rope pullup
    raquel 17:16 mod. red pullups
    Floyd 15:51 rope pullups found out why everybody is wearing long socks
    Ashleigh 16:27RX
    Melissa 15:38 modified rope pullup
    Cliff: 11:44 rx
    Corey 12:56 rx
    Ruthie 19:00/4 rope climbs/21 pu/1 rope climb