Wednesday 02-01-12

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  1. Todd

    Rhabdomyolysis is the breakdown of muscle fibers that leads to the release of muscle fiber contents (myoglobin) into the bloodstream. people that are not used to physical activity then begin working out at an extreme intensity, are at risk for rhabdomyolysis. Symptoms are
    – Abnormal urine color (dark, red, or cola colored)
    – Decreased urine production
    – General Weakness
    – Muscle stiffness or aching
    – Muscle tenderness
    – Weakness of the affected muscles

    Drink lots of fluids to dilute and flush out the myoglobin. You should also go to a doctor.

  2. Cliff

    Funny, I just heard a good podcast (crossfit radio 2009) on this subject.

    Anybody can get it. This is why we have our Onramp training to understand the movements and regimen.

    Over training, overuse, not listening to your body. That’s why we have rest days per HQ mainsite.

    Muscle fatigue, red to brown urine.

    See a physician.

  3. Dan Mielke

    The highest risk is…the ex athletes that think they “still got it”, and the CrossFitter that got injured and upon returning…tries to start off “where he left off” and completely over does it.

    What exercises have the highest risk of Rhado?

  4. Ana 37/100/46 grn/63
    Trevor 51/92/35/55 rx
    Drew 70/90/32/56rx
    kelly 45/wallsits/13 blue/80
    Mike C. 65/121/56/99rx
    Sergio 56/105/42grn/59
    Jeremy 61/117/34/92rx

    Everyone did the sprints like a champion

  5. My group did things backwards because the class was so big. So the numbers are squat, row, situps, pull-ups.

    Cheryl 132/41/63/23 grn
    Kristine 100.40,73,27grn
    Anthony 105,51,90, 50
    Jason 80,45,68,25grn
    Jon R. 92,58,78,40black
    Chan 115,53,55,15
    Jenn O. 86,41,75,34black

    Dave’s group did the normal way
    Eric 74/147/91/98rx
    Elizabeth 47/78/38blue/60
    Jesse 52/82/21blue/61
    Cecy 40/137/36/78rx
    Jackie 41/91/39 blue/79
    Nathan 59/68/17 b/79
    Monica 42/96/37blue/57
    Shahnawaz 36/48/15b/35
    Mike 52/88/19b/64
    Abel 67/102/68/82rx

    Almost everyone did the sprints after, we lost a couple to good excuses lol 🙂

  6. 630 first half did wod in regular order

    ryan 64,134,64,100rx
    jared 69,163,85,109 rx
    jamie 47,134 38Blue, 94
    Nick 60,95,30,66rx
    Ali 64,103,38,102rx
    Cristina 43,112,49grn,62
    Robin 57,121,36blue,86
    Brad 54,90,38blue,60
    Matt 66,116,46,76rx
    Jon M. 66,98,42,84rx

  7. Becca’s b day wod
    33 cal row
    33 box jumps 20″
    33 pull-ups
    33 jumping squats 45#
    33 med-ball sit-ups
    33 thrusters 45#
    33 cal row

    23:16rx 🙂
    Happy birthday girl!!

  8. 630 2nd half did squats, row, sit-ups, pull-ups
    Lanette 67/33/74/26
    Katie 80/34/57/20
    Ron 85/53/76/22
    Stephanie 87/43/75/15
    Rachel 81/33/40/15
    Sage 100/32/80/34
    Gretchen 42/31/40/25
    Tom 83/50/79/23
    Robert 56/40/52/36

  9. 1830


    Everyone beasted thru the runs too. Awesome work!