Tuesday 03-05-13

11 Responses

  1. Coach Erik's Class


    Mike C. 10:27rx
    Brittani 15:13 2 abmat red c/o 7:14
    Jamie: 13:03 blu/box C/O 8:48
    Shayne 17:46 1abmat 3sets/2abmat rest c/o 12:02
    Louie 16:47 1 abmat/ 11:15
    Sergio 15:42 blu/mod hspu c/0 8:58
    Diana 12:55 grn/blu band box c/o sub plank

  2. Aaron M.

    Hey guys!

    I have a huge favor to ask from the 9ers and 10ers the next couple days. A couple people I go to school with (CGU) are doing a research study on the activities and psychological mindsets of people who frequent the gym. I’m trying to help them collect data and took a handful of surveys from them to bring in. The survey takes about 15 minutes and just asks you some questions about the way you think and feel about different things. If anyone is willing to help out I’ll have them with me through the week (starting tomorrow) until I get all of them filled out! (I have somewhere around 10-15 surveys).

    Thanks in advance for anyone that can help!


  3. Coach Mike's Class

    anna s: 18:49rx, c/o 8:01
    Cameron 23:00 2ab mat
    Craig G 26:14 2ab mat, c/o 9:57
    Jamie 26:30rx c/o 100 GHDs,100 abmat situps 12:11

  4. Coach Mike's Class


    Mike F 21:48 2 Ab Mats
    manuel 21:54 RX c/o 9:32
    Rachel 21:51 2mats
    Leslie J 21:39 box p/ups gr band c/o 14:00
    Heidi 22:53 mod hspu
    Joe A: 18:00 mod hspu, grn band
    Bresee: 21:14 mod hspu, blue band
    Jackie H: 22:23 purple band c/o 10:29

  5. Coach Mike's Class


    Gerry 13:58 2 ab mats c/o 8:59
    Gaby 18:19 2 ab mats c/o 7:35
    Liz C: 18:09 mod c/o 9:56
    Cecy 15:15 (red, 2abmats) c/o 9:45
    Lesley 19:45 2abmat c/o 10:03
    Chris C: 16:15 HSPU/GHD RED c/o: 11:15
    Aubrey 11:10 1st PU w/blk,rings,2rds on box,rings c/o 11:25
    Yadie 11:35 PP,rings c/o 11:32
    Berny: 19:37 24″ Box HSPU/Grn Band C/O: 10:00