Thursday 12-29-11

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  1. Sorry to those of you that showed up at 5:00am…..there were bad guys breaking the law and Officer Ron had to go get them 🙁


    Brittani 12:51 (#35/hk)
    Jamie 13:25 (#45/hk)
    Jen G – 13:45rx
    Josh P – 14:58rx

  2. Jamie 13:20 (hk)
    Autumn 15:04 (85#)
    Monica 13:58 (45#,hk)(20)
    Casey 13:16 (35#,hk)(35)
    Susan 20:36 (55#,t2b rom)(50 sit ups)
    Randi 11:03 rx (51)
    Crysti 13:04 (75#)
    Chris 12:11 (45#,su’s)
    Jon M. 18:05 rx (40)

  3. Hey guys…don’t forget to check to see if you have a secret santa gift in the lobby. We are going to donate anything left over by next week.

  4. Cliff

    Found this letter by Jon Gilson on Again Faster. Thought everyone might like it, especially the last few paragraphs.

    Dearest M.,

    I believe in you. It is time for you to do the same.

    You are here for one thing, the purpose of your young life distilled to a razor point. Win the CrossFit Games. I am not optimistic, nor hopeful. Rather, I understand with a coach’s eye and a passionate heart that you belong on the podium. You will find yourself there in ten days’ time.

    When I first met you, I knew you had greatness inside you. You have proven my intuition a hundred times over.You’ve suffered. You’ve pushed. When the demons in your head screamed shortcomings and blasphemy, you shut them up. When the temptations of laziness and lax adherence crept into your life, you set them on fire with the persistence of napalm.

    Those that would inject doubt into your mind; they haven’t earned the right. They weren’t there when you trained endlessly, they weren’t there when you competed, and they aren’t there now. Banish them.

    When I first met you, I knew you had greatness inside you. You have proven my intuition a hundred times over, endlessly showing the your steel resolve.

    You are hard, and you are ready to win. Your best does not remain on the training floor, languishing, unrealized. It comes to competition, where nothing will do but supremacy.

    Understand that this makes you rare, the most potent of athletes. When others fear game day, you do not. The pressure that makes them crumble is your ally, a friend in the fight. You are unstoppable, pure execution.

    Understand that accolades and prizes do not precede greatness. They come afterward, and the ones that matter will come from your friends, the penniless and the unknown.

    At your life’s end, no one will remember how rich you were, nor what logo you wore on your jersey. They will remember what I know now:

    You are great.

    My friend, I believe in you. It is time for you to do the same.

  5. Scott – 10:38 (115#) C/O 42
    Drew – 17:53 Rx C/O 26
    Wes – 10:31 Rx
    Melissa – 13:58 (65#, High Knees) C/O 33
    Armondo – 13:07 (115#, High Knees) C/O 34
    Janice – 11:48 (35#, High Knees)

  6. CASEY


  7. paul 15;13 (45)
    brett 15;06 (37)
    anthony 15;09
    john 18;28 (40)
    danny R 95# 9;42
    richard 15;25 (39)
    graig 95# 19;14 leg raise
    bently 85/65 24;31
    navar 85 16;30
    joe b 95 17;48
    jodie 85 13;05
    jason 95 18;17
    trevor ghd 8;20
    sage 65 kn 16;13
    becka 75 17;06
    lacey 13;06
    ail 95 14;36
    babu 75 20;44
    matt rx 16;20 cliff 11;09rx

  8. Jon Martinez

    My favorite WOD is the Murph! In my limited time here at Crossfit, this was the first WOD that truly tested my Mind, Body and Soul! The sense of accomplishment HOOKED me and got me ADDICTED to Crossfit =)