Thursday 05-31-12

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  1. Trevor

    Hey everyone.. FYI – our “old” 400m mark wasnt a true 400m and was a little short because of safety issues with the turn around point being at a blind intersection where A LOT of cars drive through in the alley. Our “new” 400m mark is an actual 400m, so, if your “Helen” times didnt improve much, or may have even been a little slower than last time, DONT WORRY! You actually ran quite a bit extra distance causing that to happen. The true and final test will be in a couple months when we do this all again 🙂

  2. Nate L.

    So I just bought my tickets for the Games, but I doubt I’ll be able to go on Friday. Is there anyone that wants a free ticket to go cheer on Jon on Friday only? I’ll be in at 5:30 tonight and you can ask me for it then.

  3. 9am

    Brett “Helen” 12:17rx
    josh p. 20:29 (175# BP, subbed row 4 run)
    Gaby 21:17 65# run( 400m 800m 1 mile)
    Jamie 22:00 100#
    binley 24:38 65#
    Jason Alexander 24:54 140#
    Autumn 20:58 65lbs run 400m 800m mile
    Meagann 23:28 75#
    luis cer-24:34 185
    Jon P. 21:13 195# (used box for a bench)
    Janet r. 28:17 25

  4. Nate L.

    Bad news, friends. First, Cheryl jumped on my extra ticket like a live grenade. Second, the Games tickets sold out sometime this morning.

    Sorry Cliff!

  5. Anna P: Helen:17:12 blue, yellow kettlebell
    Nate L: Helen 14:55 Rx
    Mike F: 23:08, 115# Floor
    Sergio 21:19, 135#
    Brandon 23:46 30@ 135, 20@ 125, 10@ 125
    drew 29:30 195#
    Matt F. 23:37 165# 400m, 800, 1mile run

    Todd Porter – Helen 12:36RX
    fercia – helenn 14:16 scaled
    Damion R. Helen: 14:23
    Bob K “Helen” 14:24 RX
    Rachel & Cindy-5000m row w/ pushups-26:12
    Edwin & Jon 5000m row 135 bench press RX 23:20