Friday 06-01-12

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  1. Richard Cruz

    Today I was inspired by Sergio in the 6am class.
    After his run, he shared with me that he has never ran over 1 mile before in his life ever! Today at the age of 35 he is running further than he ever has before. I think that is so cool. Great job Sergio!

  2. Johnny G

    Can a 5 amer please post this mornings warm-up and any movements that were done after the max back squat. Thanks!

  3. 9am
    LaMarre “Murph” 32:59 Rx
    Toni 31:58
    Vince 25:45
    Monica w/stroller 33:13
    Tanya 25:51
    Autumn 27:31
    Jamie 38:33

    Erik 28:09 70 situps
    Jeff McDonald 31:42
    Brad 31:45 80 abmat situps
    Susan 42:12 94 abmat
    Jon S. 28:30 90 abmat

  4. Richard Cruz

    @Johnny, today was a speed day.
    1. Warmup: Sled Drags/Med Ball Clean / Banded Back Extensions.
    2. Speed workout: Complex stuff with dumbells. It’s hard to remember or explain.
    3. Cashout: 20 reps max deadlift