Thursday 03-15-12

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  1. Brad

    150 WB @ 20lbs
    400 Single Unders… still working on DU but can’t string them together yet.

    Cash Out:
    Volume Pull Ups: 7/min
    1.5mile run: 12min

    Can’t wait to get back to the box in June!

  2. I hate L-Sits…and injuries:)

    I know I just need to L-Sit EVERYDAY, and I’ll eventually not “hate” them anymore. Besides…you could probably do L-Sits everyday, and would never “over train” those muscles. So I really have no excuse.

    The injury part: The only way to prevent injuries is a “good warmup”. What does that mean to me? It means, taking the 20-30min before my actual WOD…Very Serious! My warm up should be the most important part of my time spent here at the gym, not the opposite. Also, every once in a while I need to not worry about time, and worry about PERFECT FORM. This might even mean “to scale”!

    What about you guys?

  3. Josh P.

    I agree with you Dan fully. When I first joined CFRC, I always wanted to do RX and a get a good time. Ever since I hurt my back, things are not the same and that blows!!! Now I try to put a lot more importance on warming up. I feel I have the same issues as you do, so I am realizing the importance of a good warm up. To all those out there that have not had a serious injury, head the warning….warm up, and use good form. I am even at the point now where I don’t even care about a max lift. I would rather be able to lift a heavier weight with good form continously than one time with a possible injury afterwards.

  4. 9ners:

    Dave J. 241 rx
    Susan 110 wb 10#
    Toni 130 rx
    Marguarite 68 wb 10#
    Chris 115 wb 10#
    Gaby 127 rx
    Brett 187 rx
    Lesley 144 rx
    Autumn 202 rx
    Dominic 130 rx

  5. Melissa

    I feel the same way about injuries: it’s just not a good situation. I pulled my quad about a month ago, and it sucked to sit out of some workouts until it healed up. I now do some extra squats and stretch out my legs before starting the WOD, and go crazy with the couch stretch and the band afterwards. That was the first time I’ve ever had a muscualar injury, and it’s not happening again!

    The movement I hate the most: SQUAT CLEANS. I’ve been working on my back squats to increase my strength with those, but it’s about time to graduate. Today’s the day : ]

  6. Scott 183rx
    Matt 150rx
    Jesse 112 16#
    Anthony 150 wb and 103 singles
    Damien 141 rx
    Kristen 132 10#
    Michelle 169rx
    Ron 119rx
    Monica 150 wb+ 33 singles 10#
    Kristine 140 10#
    Cheryl 132 14#/10#
    Trevor 123rx