Friday 03-16-12

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  1. Tom

    I’ve been trying to follow the Paleo diet since I started the gym. My biggest issues so far with it are cost (it’s expensive) and the lack of beer. I also find that when I do cheat (usually 1x a week), my body just packs it on. Other than that, I love the food choices (bacon anyone?). I do however, still consume dairy, raw milk and whey protein.

  2. Brittani

    I have been trying to follow Paleo. I’m not a big meat eater so it’s been tough. I eat a lot of chicken, turkey bacon and eggs.
    I love dairy so that’s been rough. Using the Nom Nom Paleo blog as a guide and inspiration. Learning about different fat sources like coconut. Most helpful tool are my friends Ana and Jamie for accountability and support…thanks guys!!!

  3. Nate C. 33:49 rx
    Tanya 36:25 rx
    Cindy 36:57 (blue)
    Sonya 35:40 (row,blue,push ups)
    Frank 31:45 rx
    Brittani 33:02 (blue)
    Mathew 33:07 rx
    Adrianne 37:53 (blue)
    Jesse 38:57 (green)
    Jon S. 38:16 rx
    Joyce 37:09 (blue)

  4. Meagann Freetage

    Crossfit WOD in Katy, Texas:
    5 rounds:
    12 slam balls
    200m run
    12 push press
    200m run
    12 front squats
    200m run

    Meagann- 30:16 (15# ball 45# PP&FS)
    Brandon -31:32 (35# ball 95# PP&FS)

  5. Monica

    I just started the zone and I’m already feeling and seeing results. I like the fact that you dont have to cut dairy out. at first it seems like a lot of work to measure out your portions but after a few days you begin to remember the portion sizes. It’s also a lot of food. Thats the best part :)Also the coaches have been very helpful in providing constructive feedback on my meals.

  6. I love the paleo diet and I find very creative recipes to make, which changes is up. This week I have been trying to zone my paleo, and it’s been tricky for me because I’m not used to weighing and measuring. So far so good! I feel like I am getting plenty of food if I stick to more veggies as my carb blocks.

  7. 330

    matt f 30:18rx
    Nikki 45:47rx
    Natalie 43:25(green)
    Jana V. 38:09 (green)
    Dan 40:04(rows)
    Ron L. 43:27 (blue)
    Ana 39:23(green)
    Nick 39:45rx


    Craig G. 40:54rx
    Craig W. 40:05rx
    Anthony 33:47rx
    Nirav 31:23rx
    Damien 40:57rx
    Anna 31:04rx
    Kristine 40:48(blk)

  8. Dave A 22:18rx
    Jeremy 32:26rx
    Wayne 34:58
    Mark 48:16
    Suttles 41:41

    Tom 28:44 (Blue)
    maria 32:33 blue
    phillip 30:00 blue
    Raquel O. 40:00
    Rachel R- 37:10
    Gilbert R 38:50 blue
    ALI 27:38 RX
    Edwin 30:39 (Blue)

    Jonathan (12.4) 142B-90 DU after followed by 100 Situps