Saturday 7-21-12

3 Responses

  1. Team Compensation: 25:05rx
    Team WodKillers: 21:26 (1person blue)
    Rachel & Joyce- 27:17 RX whaaaaat?? yepp RX!!!!
    Edwin & Erik R: 28:02 (erik 75lbs blue) (edwin rx)
    Melissa and Drew: 28:20 45# purple band
    Matt F. and Katie: 19:10, Matt rx katie 35# thick purple
    Lannette and Cory: 23:36 Cory RX, nette #15,green band
    Vince and Toni 2307 #55 blue band
    Meagann and Lesley Rx 23:54
    floyd & Dan rx 28:23 (Floyd- Green)
    Dave & jon rx (onta) 15:42

  2. Matty Felix

    I just wanted to say I’m proud of my partner Katie. She pushed the last 9 thrusters all unbroken even though she really wanted to put down the bar!!! and ON the last 400 she pushed it to the max!!!! GREAT JOB KATIE!!!!