Monday 10-08-12

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  1. Nancy

    From Day 1, when I taught her on ramp, I was super impressed with Jenn G, and now, as preggers Jenn G – I love watching her workout! She is a no excuse girl…always works hard, shows up when she doesn’t want to and pushes herself to the limit. I think Jenn G is a super super inspirational athlete!!!

  2. Perea

    I think one of our great guys in our gym that is always helping me and I feel that we are lucky to have is Coach Ron Daily. He is so knowledgeable and helpful and I know I need to get into the 5am class more often to take advantage of it. Coach Ron has been doing this for a long time and I always look forward to what he has to say.

  3. Cindy

    JODIE!! 46 and still kicks ass!! Sorry for telling your age but be proud girl!! Jodie always pushes me to work harder and to belive in myself! Even if my workout isnt what i expected of myself she stiil tells me awesome job and finds the positive!! Now thats whats up!

  4. 5&6am crew “early bird specials”

    Paul S dynamic front squat, 20 rm OHS 105, WOD 14:10 Rx
    Jamie: 13:20 pu-grn/pu C/O 2:58
    Matt A. 12:31 RX
    Josh C. 17:33 RX c/o 2:45
    Coach Nancy – 18:52 jumping pull ups

  5. 9:00 am

    Randi 13:56 RX
    Chris Co- 13:22 jumping squats pull-ups grn bd
    Marguerite-14:45 50 burpees,75 pull-up(grn),jump-ups
    anna 16:25rx
    Toni 18:51 box pullups
    paty 20:49
    CASEY 15:54 (10X10 PUSH UPS/ PULL UPS)
    Monica 20:33 box pullups
    Ashleigh 20:27 45# plate for being vertically challenged 🙂
    Rachel R- 24:52 RX w/ 45 plate jump
    trevor w:20:08rx
    Autumn 19:46 2 45# plates jump
    Peggie push ups box jump pull ups 11:28 ab mat situps 100
    Geramie 16:46rx

  6. Anna

    Shelly inspires me. Shes just good at everything and a natural athlete. Shes always humble about her accomplishments and eager to give her tips and strategies to help. Annnd shes a gym owner and mama, makes it all seem easy.

  7. Monica

    I think Randi is an amazing athlete. She works hard, never settles for ” good enough”, and pushes herself harder than anyone else could. Combine all of this with being a team player and one of the most humble people you’ll ever meet. She makes me want to work harder.

  8. Gaby

    Chris inspires me!!! She always pushes herself and tries everything without making excuses. She is dedicated and it shows in her progress, she even looks younger than when she first started. I want to be like her when I grow up!

  9. Randi

    Thank you Monica, you are too sweet.. I have so much respect for you and you truly inspire me, so thank you for all thay you do. You are always giving 100% with your workouts, with your nutrition and everything else you do including raising such a wonderful little boy.

  10. Jonathan Martinez

    Forgot to post this morning…

    Dynamic Front Squat- 10 x 2 @115# With Chains
    20 Rep OHS: 65#

    12:20 RX (first time doing 100 Burpee P/U unbroken)

    As for who inspires me, there isn’t just 1 person, everyone inspires me in their own way. So, ALL OF YOU inspire me because we are all committed to something bigger than ourselves.
    As an obese kid and adult for 23.5 Years, I never dreamed of being where I’m at today, so, THANK YOU!

  11. 1800

    Dee-21:39RX, 2:09
    Matt F.-15:12RX, C/O 2:23
    Gretchen 50/50 c/O 20
    Jackie H: 22:27 blue band c/o 2:57
    Todd W. 26:19 RX C/O 3:00
    KELSY 30:20RX
    Kristine 22:44 green band c/o 13:22
    John Kay 28:15 green band c/o 4:00
    Melissa: 30:47 black band
    Drew 29:02 rx c/o 4:10
    Todd Porter: 24:03RX C/O 3:11

  12. 1900

    Lacey: 22:57- 50RX; 50burpees/50 ring rows (ripped) CO 1:30
    Gerry: 17:36 RX C/O 2:04
    Raquel:28:23 blu
    Bri 19:50 green
    Cliff: 16:55 rx/ c/o 2:34
    Liz C. 25:41 green c/o 4:18
    Jordan C: 24:42 RX C/O 2:06
    joe: 17:30 c/o 3:00
    Wayne 25:17 c/0 4:10
    Corey 16:33 c/o 2:13
    Berny 32:29 100 burpees/76 pus grn band c/o 4:42