Friday 07-06-12

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  1. Corey

    Corey’s Paleo thought of the day: If eating like a caveman is so good for you how come there are no cavemen left in the world (not counting the Geico caveman)?

  2. Matty Felix

    To anyone running the in the tough mudder tomorrow..My start time is 8am. if anyone has this start time txt me so we could possibly run together. 626-433-3650. If not good luck to all those who are running. See you there..

  3. Cliff

    Tough Mudder group with wave time of 11:00 a.m. Were meeting at the CFRC box at 7:00 a.m. to head up the hill together.

    Right now Josh, Rachel, Joyce and myself have confirmed.

  4. Kevin R

    25 and some change. I did it in the gym at work, and I’m not sure what 400m is, but I gave it a shot. Room for improvement.