Friday 04-20-12

18 Responses

  1. Nancy

    Franites – Just so you know – I’ve got Fran Spies out there watching you on this one – push hard, practice perfect form, and don’t forget to blog your scores!

  2. Lacey

    Thrusters (& wall balls)- they instantly gas me and remind me of Fran , which then makes me nauseous.

    Squats because lower body is a personal weakness.

  3. Joyce

    Hand stand push ups! And the thought of kipping them….what if I break my neck?? Fear. Got to face it.

  4. Jake 105 rx
    Joyce 131 (red, sub FS for thruster/65#)
    Toni 120 (blue, 45#)
    Jeff Hu!!!!!!!! 149 (65#)
    Cindy 97 (purple!!)
    Susan 113 ( row for cal., 75# BS)
    Gaby 102 rx
    Jon S. 137 rx
    Chris 115 (green, 35#)
    Marguarite 60 (green,35#)
    Paul 185 rx + (115#)
    Casey 200 (green,35#)
    Adrianne 80 (white:)
    Kaleb 133 rx
    Lesley 103 rx
    Kelsey 95 (green strict)
    Cheryl 116 (green, 55# 3rd went to FS due to injury)
    Jesse 72 (75#)

  5. Edwin

    That picture of coach Erik is awesome this was my favorite cash out ever. The happiest place on earth…

  6. Chris McGovern

    Pull ups and rope climbs for me right now. I don’t have a whole lot of experience doing either one. Which is why the timing of this Fran challenge was perfect I must say

  7. 1530

    Mel 152, 65#, red
    jessy 131 45# blue
    Mike C. 109p/u 73 thrust rx
    Cat 71 grn thr 65lbs 56
    rique 113 rx
    Mike J: 150rx with hand tear
    Scott 169 rx