Monday 01-09-12

18 Responses

  1. Chris – 13:01 (20#)
    Ashleigh the SUPER stud! – 10:14 Rx
    Janice – 12:23 (20#)
    Tanya – 9:21 Rx
    Sonya – 8:12 (push-ups and shoulder press)
    Susan – 14:52 (20#)
    Margie – 7:09 (20#)
    Autumn – 9:49 Rx
    Gaby – 8:57 (20#)

  2. Josh P – 5:45 (35)
    Rob G – 7:42 (35)
    Stephanie – 9:02 (20)
    Mike J – 9:30 (35 w/vest)
    Brett – 10:04 (ghd)
    Adrianne – 11:44 (20)
    Nick P – 11:21 rx+ (50)
    Jon S – 11:58rx
    Luis – 12:35 (35 w/vest)
    Craig – 13:00 (35 w/vest)
    Cathy – 13:00rx 🙂

  3. Ari

    I would tell a new member to take advantage of all learning opporunities in an effort to maximize their development.

    If a coach is correcting you and giving you instruction, take time to listen and then work on/practice their recommendations. If a coach offers to specifically help you accomplish a goal, follow-up and use that 1:1 to advance to the next level.

    If there is a competition, regardless of if you are competing – go to support your gym mates. Not only will they appreciate the support, but they will likely return the favor and cheer you on when you’re struggling to complete a WOD. It will build relationships amongst gym members and you can learn about form and advanced techniques from watching the elite athletes compete.

    Take advantage of and participate in as many optional clinics offered at the gym as possible. This is a great opportunity to work on specific skills and learn from the people who know best 🙂 Some are even free so they don’t hurt your budget!

    Finally, get to know (and love) the people you workout with. Even though you are coming to CF for fitness and athletic development, it is the interaction with the great people here that separates CFRC from other boxes or gyms.

  4. Nancy

    Hey CFRCers – It’s Binley’s Birthday and she is having a rager 🙂 at her house (5749 Eaglewood Place) this Saturday Night! It’s Las Vegas themed so ladies wear your favorite Vegas dress and boys there will be a $45.00 cover charge at the door. Ok just kidding about the second part. Doors open at 7:30 and if you are friends with Binley or if your are friends with someone who is friends with Binley you are invited 🙂

  5. Nancy

    Oh – the party is at Binley’s house but it is a bday celebration for the three cfrc beauties Binley, Shuttles, and Autumn. Wow…I don’t know how I forgot to mention that before 🙂

  6. JD

    I would tell a new member to be patient. If you can’t do something don’t worry it will come. Just make sure you keep coming in & practice it. Don’t be intimidated by a workout. Don’t be afraid to ask your coaches to help you scale the workout. Stay consistent & you will see the results you want.

  7. The weights were changed for this class because of the amount of weights.

    So rx was 35#/20#

    Paul 11:22 rx+ 50#
    Craig 7:31 rx
    Landon 9:39rx
    Todd 10:17 20#
    Danny R. 9:40 rx
    Melissa 9:26 rx
    Drew 10:10rx
    Scott 9:56 rx+ 45#
    Jana 8:05 10#

  8. Ivy 9:17 (20#)
    Robin 8:21 (20#)
    Suttles 8:43 (20#)
    Todd 6:50 (35#) Good job on those Rope climbs:)
    Clorinda 11:38 (20#)
    Jason A. 8:32 (35#)
    Matt 9:54 rx
    Brad 8:40 (35#)
    Anna 5:30 (20#)
    Jodie 5:22 rx :):) jk (20#)
    Craig 10:54 (20#)
    Joe B. 7:05 (35#)
    Crysty 5:48 (20#)

  9. Melissa

    I just want to brag that I did my first rope climb today!!!

    p.s. I think whoever took down the PR gong thing needs to put it back up.

  10. The PR Gong…will be back up…Don’t you worry Melissa…And great job on the Rope climb girl.

    Ari and JD…Great advice for the new comers. I’d even add that the “old timers” also need to take someone under their wing and show them a “thing or two”… The greatest compliment I get in the gym…is watching the members take it upon themselves to help out another member (usually someone they just met) and teach them what they’ve learned.

    A great example of that was last week when I saw Jodie helping out a member do a deadlift…I stayed back a little ways and listened to what Jodie was saying to her…and she was spot on!!! And it made a big difference in that person’s lift…

    Don’t be afraid to share your knowledge when you see someone struggling…

  11. josh P

    To all CFRC:
    I have put together a team for the Tough Mudder going on Feb 25th. If anyone is interested in joining my team, send me an email to: [email protected]. I will send you and invite. Also I am trying to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project which supports wounded troops. Thanks in advance for all your support.