Wednesday 3-25-15

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  1. Milk

    I am truly going to miss these two! You both are very special to Shelly and I …thank you for being such a big part of our CFRC family!

  2. Anna Shearer

    I love you, Joyce and Alexa! Today is so sad. I am going to miss seeing your pretty faces everyday. ♡ Enjoy your new life and marriage Joyce!!

  3. Meagann

    You two are amazing in more ways than one. You guys are so inspiring and motivating! I love you both and going to miss you very much! Wish you the best of luck with everything !!! Xoxo

  4. Rachel R

    I love you friend! I am so excited to see what God has planned for you and Lexie girl, I know its great things. You have motivated me to be a better person in all areas of my life being the strong beautiful women you are inside out. Can’t wait for all the road trips! <3

  5. Joyce

    I love all of you guys so much!!!! I never knew how to stay away from this place. I walked in teary eyed today and left in tears. We’ve loved it here..It’s been home. Thank you Dan and Shelly, for allowing us both to hang out here so much. I hope that we can find patient and kind coaches at our new gym. I have plenty of CFRC shirts that I will be rocking, letting everybody know where I’m from!!! Everyone here has pushed us in one way or another. You are an amazing bunch of people. We love this gym!!!!!

    Joyce and Lexi

  6. Joyce

    And that workout was long as f**k. 62:00 RX

    (When I started here, I could not do the 15lb bar! ALL the coaches here have helped me become more efficient. The next gym better step up!)

  7. Cindy Hecht

    I can’t believe I’m not going to see you two at the gym, your a fixture there. I wish you BOTH the best of luck, I know where ever life takes the both of you, you’ll be fine! You will be missed!

  8. 4pm
    Leslie 29:12 ‘half’ 45# red band
    Anna 41:13 ‘half’ 95# W/ mile runs
    Matt F. 55:28 RX

    Mathew 57:30 75#
    Cindy 58:11 65#
    Autumn 46:40 55# B. squat/ring rows
    Peggy 26:18 ‘half’

    Bailey 58:58 45# ring rows
    Iliana 39:35 35# ‘half’ w/ mile runs
    Jackie 51:45 45# purple band
    Johanna 45:34 45# ‘half’ w/ mile run
    Lauren 64:03 45# ring rows

  9. 6pm
    Miguel 65:00 45# mod – turned the time off on accident:(
    Mike C. 52:04 RX
    Nick 65:00 95# – turned the time off on accident 🙁 sorry guys
    Ruthie 28:46 45# ‘half’
    Tracy 40:34 35# ‘half’ w/ miles
    Coach Dave 43:40 RX

  10. 7pm
    Berny 76:01 #95
    Candace 39:21 ‘half’ mod
    Guzman 57:11 95#
    Fabiola 37:30 ‘half’ mod
    Rafael 45:30 15#
    Raquel 45:19 35#
    Ryan 45:22 mod
    Shawn 56:22 45#
    Valerie 37:00 ‘half’
    Gaby 26:25 55# ‘half’