Wednesday 12-21-11

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  1. That’s why I love you Nancy…And that is why our gym and coaches are the best…everyone is more than willing to throw out a picture of an obvious weakness and get critiqued in order to educate the troops!

    I’ll wait for everyone else to throw out some tips and “points of performance” before I do.

    *just to put this picture in perspective…this was a max number of reps in 2 or 4 min, and correct me if I’m wrong, but you were doing 40 something right?

  2. Richard Cruz

    I remember watching that event and seeing Nancy pour her all into it. It’s bad form BUT you rocked it Nancy!!!!! 🙂

  3. First person to find out why Nancy’s Right knee “caves” in when doing a heavy Deadlift…will win a free “t-shirt”.

    You must write it here on the blog and tell us “specifically, what is going on with the body, and what muscle’s she needs to focus on, so it doesn’t happen. BE VERY SPECIFIC and give us the “cues” and the exercisers needed to remedy the problem.

    Get out there and do your research…

  4. Todd

    Nancy’s knee is caving from having weak adductor muscles. When pulling or lifting heavy weight they are not strong enough to hold the leg into position. To remedy this she can do wide stance squats going as deep as possible in the squat. Another remedy is a wide stance sumo deadlift.

  5. Todd

    The adductor muscles run from the groin area and attach at different points of the femur then the last muscle attaching at the knee.

  6. Jeff

    I did some research Dan and found that Nancy’s right knee is caving in due to weak or tired glutes and/or weak or tired abdominals on that particular lift. Her lower back is rounded because her upper back is losing tightness particularly the rhomboids. I’ve found that rows and chin-ups are 2 exercises that could help with the problem. Squats and front squats are 2 exercises that can strengthen the glutes. Hope some of this is correct.

  7. Cliff

    Sorry Nancy. I know you were on one of your last reps and exhausted. I have all these issues and many more to work on myself.

    Back curved/ rounded, weight on toes, shoulders too far over bar, midline not stable.

    A. You would need to work on glutes & hams. (Good Mornings, GHD’s, Lunges)
    B. Training hamstrings will allow for great speed off the floor.
    C. Band training
    D. Stretch hip flexors
    E. Form
    F. Relax/ breath


    “People with relatively strong quads and relatively weak glutes and hams will find that their knees cave in during deadlifts, particularly during the press up from the bottom” (; June 2010)

    Physical Cues: Coach puts back of hand against the outside of their knee and says, “press your knee out against my hand”.

    Verbal Cue: “Knees out”

    Verbal Cue: “Solid midline”

    Verbal Cue: “Keep weight on heels”

    Verbal Cue: “Push your hips forward”

    Verbal Cue: “Abs tight”

    Verbal Cue: “Chest up and inflated”

    ( library; December 2003)

  8. Josh P.

    It looks to me like her butt might have come up too fast which caused her to start rounding her back.

    To help fix the problem, her core needs to be stronger and tighter.

  9. Dan Mielke

    Check your email guys…if you didn’t get an email from me in the last hour or so, please email me and I’ll update your account. It’s important.

  10. Jenn G.

    Nancy needs to start her deadlift in a lower position and stay back on her heels. She needs to drive up with her chest first, not her butt. She should push her knees out. This is all courtesy of Ron. I think Cliff won, great detail and explanation of what is going on and tips how to fix it.

  11. 10am

    Dave J. 315,320,335,335,335 7:36 rx
    Tanya 200#x4,205 9:00 rx
    KJ 185#x5,225# 10:38 rx
    Robert G. 225×4,245 6:58 rx
    Jeff 190×3,225×2 7:58 rx
    Logan 115×5 6:09 rx
    Adrianne 115×5 9:25 rx
    Josh P. 315,335×4 4:54 rx




  13. Robin

    Wow – what an additional training tool. Thanks Nancy for offering yourself up for our benefit! To be more specific, I would focus on her gluteus medius, it plays a big part of preventing internal rotation of the femur, and is most often found to be weak during the running stride (midstance component of gait). Exercises that can help strengthen the glut med include banded lateral walk, mirrored-single-leg squat (to monitor knee & great toe alignment through motion), Heidens, and of course ~ dead lift. I would also focus on flexibility, the piriformis works with the glut med, and if it’s tight there can be too much reliance on the glut med. For cues, I can’t add much more than what Cliff already said. 🙂

  14. Coach Nancy

    I’m at home with a case of the throw ups which I am pretty sure I got from Erin (when she came back to the gym from recovering from the flu and was talking to a potential new member I came up behind her and stuck my finger up her butt cause that’s the type of thing I think is appropriate) Anyways, now I’m sick at home with plenty of time to respond to all your comments.

    @Dan – I love you too. Always have, always will.
    @ Jeff – Good eye, you are such a handsome man
    @ Richard – well said, this whole activity was really just an excuse for me to put a picture of myself on the blog and get people to say nice things about me – you win 🙂
    @ Mike V – that’s for sure, and they were all yelling at me to get my knees closer together. Boo.
    @ Todd – Great advice – I def want to start doing more wide squats and sdhp, now can you please come back to California. Thank You
    @ Jeff – still lookin’ good buddy
    @ Cliff – such a gentleman but no need to apologize sir, I think you hit the nail on the head – I’m quad dominate which makes me kind of fall apart when I have to do heavy deadlifts. This picture is from September and since then I have been trying to do more good mornings and ghds – I have already seen improvements over the past few months just from putting those two movements in my warm up – great advice 🙂
    @ Perea – I love it when people write me name out as Nance – it’s like they are trying to call me a nickname, or abbreviate my name, but its actually the same amount of letters…I just think its endearing
    @ Josh – right on brother…my core needs to be stronger and tighter and I also need to brush my hair.
    @ Jeremy – what about the white in the socks? I don’t know why you had to get so personal with this…it was just supposed to be fun
    @ Jenn G – right on…im famous for lifting my butt up first and then chest (or the stripper dance as we like to call in) instead of chest and butt at the same time like I’m supposed to. It must be from all the hours I’ve put in at the local gentleman’s club……with your mom.
    @Kaleb – those are actually pirate socks….and I am only wearing them cause Randi made me…she was really aggressive about it
    @Robin – I had to read your post seven times for me to understand it cause of all the big words. But great advice. I think. 🙂

  15. Josh P.

    I have to give it up to Nancy for throwing herself out there on blast. It goes to show that none of us are perfect and that ALL OF US can always do better. This is great leadership coming from Nancy.

  16. That looks like a textbook deadlift to me Nancy:-). Everyone should know that a rounded back deadlift is method of choice in many powerlifting circles.
    It was good to see some of the CFRC family this afternoon, and I hope you enjoy my small contribution to your box.

  17. IvyLynn

    Nancy I’m sick too!!! May I blame Erin as well? Please don’t yell at me Erin I will be bring in my SS gift … Nanc I know you have a red head band and the hair is my fault!!!!

  18. 530

    Craig G. 145# 15:12rx
    Kaleb 285# 10:42rx
    Mike F. 145# 13:52rx
    Brad 125# 9:22rx
    jamie 225# 11:05rx
    Richard 295# 8:38rx
    Kevin 315# 10:55rx
    JD 6:01rx
    Wes 385# 6:25rx


    Matt 305# 7:16rx
    Binley 215# 8:21rx
    Cliff 335# 7:30rx
    Ali 265# 11:03rx
    Lo 175# 7:34rx
    Jeremy 325# 7:10rx
    Ralph 185# 11:51rx
    Joe B. 325# 13:54rx
    Babu 125# 16:12rx

  19. Ladies and Gentlemen…This was my favorite blog posts…since I started a blog!!!!

    Thank you for all the great responses and positive thoughts. All of you did better than I expected…and I am truly proud of all the knowledge you guys have.

    The winner of a new shirt “hands down” goes to Cliff….

    Cliff, you hit it right on the head brother, with great references and great cues…Way to do your research and thank you for teaching us today. Go into the lobby and pick out a shirt brother. I only ask that you take a Handstand photo of you wearing it and post it on Facebook.

    BTW- Everyone else’s responses were great too, but Cliff was Fast… Robin…you were second girl. 🙂