Wednesday 06-20-12

17 Responses

  1. Paul S 28:28 Rx
    Nathan: 31:00 S/U
    Carrie 34:31 rx
    phillip 34:16 singles X3
    Autumn 34:46 rx
    Toni 37:45 singles x3
    Ana P 43:58 rx
    Susan 45:23 singles x3
    Meagann 36:56 RX!
    CASEY 50:51 RX!!! 😛
    Jaime 49:30 singles

  2. cindy

    question to ALL coaches..on a workout like this would you rather us do DU attempts OR just do singles…

  3. Great question Cindy, In my opinion I would do singles. This workout is designed to keep your heart rate spiked your whole workout. Not to mention it is a longer wod:) If your not efficient with your du’s it will only slow your wod down and defeat the purpose of it. I without a doubt would practice your double unders in your warm up though:)

  4. 430 class

    Brad G: 30:50rx
    Mike C.24:34rx
    Matt F. 31:31 su’s
    irving 39:20 3x s/u’s
    Mark T. 42.17 1 mile run, sit ups, air squats and rows to complete.
    dan: 40:20 S/u’s
    kelsy 43:26 row

  5. Thomas

    39:11 singles, done in the streets of San Bernardino with the help of Nike GPS and my jumprope ;o)