Wednesday 05-28-14

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  1. For all my “Edge-ers”

    “The Three Headed Monster”

    Ben Bergeron talks about the theory of the “Three Headed Monster”… to sum it up…EVERY competitive athlete should be striving to become a “Three Headed Monster”.
    Let’s talk about each head:

    Head 1 represents STRENGTH: one of the great things about today’s technology, is that we have the ability to gather facts very quickly…and in our sport, we’d like to know what the Avg top ten competitor (male and female) can lift! If you’re below that average…THEN YOU HAVE A WEAKNESS

    Head 2 represents SKILLS: Do you got SKILLS???? Are you an absolute animal in under the barbell, but when I ask you to do a pistol, or walk on your hands, or do Muscle up…do you fall apart? If so…YOU HAVE A WEAKNESS…again, we can find the averages and find out just how “big” of a weakness this might be

    Head 3 represents CONDITIONING: You might be able to back squat 400lbs, but if you can’t take a moderate rate of say…225lbs and squat it 20 times with a heart rate of 190bpm….you HAVE A WEAKNESS…

    So here’s the philosophy behind all this…in the next week or so, I’m going to provide some numbers I believe are important to note. Your job is to look at those numbers and figure out the “sizes of your heads”…do you have two heads way bigger than the last? if so, you need to focus IMMEDIATELY on that “runt” head of yours and grow that head until it no longer is a weakness.

    I will tell you this…for most of you, it’s your STRENGTH, and unfortunately STRENGTH takes the longest to build…and that is what I will be programming for the next month or two…but remember…there isn’t one program that will fit all of you, so figure out where you’re at!

  2. Steven S.

    Sounds great Dan, looking forward to seeing all the stats, hope to make some good gains this year!