Wednesday 05-23-12

26 Responses

  1. Ana 16 rd+8 air squats 2 rounds at 65 last 3 @ 60
    Jamie 17 + 3 pc 65#
    Sergio 17 rx + 5 asqts
    Ryan 23rx +3pc+6pu+3as
    Josh C. 15 95 lbs
    DonnyK 17 rx 135#
    Gaby 16 and 3 pc 85#

    Nick C done with 500 situps
    Gaby is done with 300 situps

  2. Julie Foucher- she is a fulltime medical student and finds time to train as hard as she does, and not to mention she is just badass! I love hearing when crossfitters have another career besides crossfit.

  3. Brad

    21rounds +6 air squats RX

    I actually get motivation from coming in the gym and being challenged by the coaches and other members. That’s why I cannot WAIT to get back in the gym towards the end of next week!

  4. Gaby

    I am motivated by all the amazing woman at CFRC! Like Jen G. Who is a mom full time a wife full time and works full time and still makes time to be a badass crossfitter!!! No excuses she does quietly does it! Amazing! And Shelly our awesome coach with that great smile! So unassuming then gets out there and kills it with her badass skills!

  5. Joyce

    No one really…just the fact that I’m healthy and able to participate in a WOD is enough motivation for me. Plus I’m getting stronger with every WOD and one day I won’t suck anymore!

  6. Jon S

    Jon P. and Dan with their busy life as a public service workers, and family men. I love when I here people make excuses there is no time to workout in the day.

  7. 0900

    todd widick 20 rounds 105#
    Stephani D: 15 rounds 50#
    Oriana : 13 rounds 35#
    Nick P. 20 rnds Rx
    Toni 15 Rds #65 knee
    britney 18rds #45 knee
    Sagie 14rds #45lbs knee push ups
    Cliff: 26 rounds RX
    Rich P.: 15 RX
    Frank B : 18rx
    Divina: 65# 17 rounds
    Marguerite 45# 12 rounds
    Chris C. 16 rounds
    Autumn 16 rounds 85#

  8. @ Gaby- There’s nothing quite about Jenn G’s workouts…she’ll tell you, she wants to win and beat you! You get close enough to her while she’s working out…and you’ll hear her determination:)

  9. Craig

    I’m humbled everyday by what I can’t do and inspired by what I can. Motivation now comes from the incredible coaches and each one of the other athletes!

  10. 1000
    rounds started over each time.

    Nick C 26 rounds Rx
    Schwaby 26 rounds Rx
    Adriane 15 rds 65 lbs
    Ailee 16 rds 65lbs
    KaLEB 18 RDS rx
    Ru 20 rds 55#
    Corey 21 rds 115#
    Brett 19rx (200 sit ups)
    Geramie 26rds rx
    Joyce 15 rds/ 65 lbs/100 sit ups with 10 lb ball
    Jon P. (9:00 am) 23 rounds (20# vest, 155# power clean)
    Armando 21 rds RX

  11. Meagann

    Everyone in the gym is my motivation. Seeing all the different things people can do and the things people strive to get better at. The effort and dedication is awesome. And of course all the coaches n competitors are a huge inspiration of what any of us can become. Joining this gym has been the best thing i have done in 2012!! So kick ass everyone 🙂

  12. Erik

    My sister Brenda motivates me to push myself in all aspects. she is always looking out for me and wants me to dedicate all my time wisely. We push each other to try our best and see how we can improve on whatever we lack. thanks sis.

  13. Divina

    All the busy mom and dad crossfitters that find the time to come in and do the WOD. It’s an inspiration and also a good example for the kids. I was just telling one of our head residents he just needs to make the time and he’ll sleep better at night too. 🙂

  14. Jodie … single mom busy with 3 kids and a full time job helps with training track and tennis not to mention all the other things she dose..shes my insperation!

  15. 330 class

    Mel 19 RDS + 3 PU, knee pu
    Kevin R. 12 rds + 5 aier air squats rx
    Peyton 16 + 2 power cleans RX.
    Natalie 13 + 2 pwr cleans 55#
    MIke C. 25 rx
    Tanya 23 + 1 pc rx
    drew 18 rx
    Janae 11 rds
    Carrie 12+3pc (75#/knee)
    Craig 14+5pu RX
    Jesse 13 + 1 pc rx
    Jamie 20 + 4 air squats RX
    Cheryl 15+3 pu – 85#
    Meagann 19RX

  16. 430 class

    Jeremy: 19rds +1 clean RX
    Cecy: 19rds + 3 #65
    Dan: 16 rds + 3 #115 Scaled (knee p/u)
    anna banana 23rds rx

  17. Abel 20 ROUNDS + 1 Powerful Clean RX
    stephany B 14 rounds + 3 power cleans #55
    LaMarre 27 Rx+ #145
    Erik F-23 Rx’d +(155# power clean and 20# vest)
    Thomas – 14 rds 115# 3pc’s 6 p/u
    M. Madden -12 Rds / 65#
    Kristine 15 Rds/ 55#
    Mike F – 15 rds + 1 pwc cln, 115#
    Matt W – 10 rds/ 65# 3 sp

  18. Anna P: 15 rds/ 70#
    Valentina :14 + 5 pushups/ 35#
    Robin 14 rds / 35 lbs knee push ups
    WAyne 13 RDS RX + 1 PU
    Leslie J 14 nrd #45 knee push ups
    Matt F: 24 + 2 squats RX
    Jason Alexander 16 RX+ 145#
    phillip 18 rx
    jeremy B 14 #95
    cindy 18 rounds 75#

  19. Rachel R- 17 rounds 45lbs
    Lacey: 19 + 1 pc. (85#).
    Dani: 16+ 6 pu (65#)
    misty 16 + 3 pc + 5pu 65#
    Ryan 19 + 6pu RX
    Todd P: 20 + 8 squats RX+ #145
    Edwin 17 + 6pu #115
    Raquel O. 15+1, #65

  20. Bob K

    Man, there’s so many people who motivate me to put in the time! There’s Edwin (aka Honey Badger) for his enthusiasm and never quit attitude. Then there’s Jonathan, Mike and Todd for their ability to make everyone feel welcome and help whomever looks like theyre having trouble. And then there’s the guys from my basics program (i know that’s the wrong name) like Craig and Brandon who both are superhuman beasts and have made such awesome progress. Hardly see you guys except the occasional Saturday, but motivated all the same when we work out. Then there’s the ladies too like Stephanie, Rachael, and Joyce. Hell for that matter, all the ladies who stick these work outs every session and just freakin’ wreck it! And how can I forget all the coaches, Nancy, Sean, Erin, Dave, etc. Enjoying every minute of it!