Tuesday 12-06-11

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  1. Cheryl

    Let’s take a moment and forget that Trevor is smashing that lift and focus on Mike V in the background! 😮

  2. IvyLynn

    Zappo’s gift card mama needs a new pair of innov8’s….. Some really cool CFRC girl clothes…….. Lululemon gift card that fancy stuff isn’t cheap…. And one Rx pull up on the rouge cage !!!!!!! (sing the last part in your head like the 12 days of Xmas song)

    Thanks Santa

  3. Jamie – 40#, 7 rounds + 12 pu(knees)
    Brittani – 35#, 7 rounds + 10 pu (knees)
    Ana – 35#, 6 rounds + 170m row (knees)
    Jason A. – 135#, 6 rounds Rx
    Josh P. – 115#, 7 rounds + 125m row (sub pu for GHDs)
    Jon S. – 115#, 7 rounds + 21 pu Rx
    Erin A. – 8 rounds + 250m row (sub pu for air squats)

  4. Lacey

    Omg.. I love Erin and Cheryl!

    I want pull up grips, seminars, shoes, lulu, and anything else CF related. Its actually the only thing on my wish list.

  5. So since I’m kind of like a “santa clause”- in that I bring new gifts to the gym and it’s members…I like seeing what’s on your list:

    @ Ivy- I can do something about the “Cool CFRC” Girl clothes (that is coming). And the “1 Rx pullup” can be worked out too. SANTA SAYS..IF YOU WANT THAT PULL-UP THEN YOU’LL HAVE TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE…MYSELF AND MY ELF TRAINERS WILL DESIGN A WAY FOR YOU TO GET THAT PULL UP AS FAST AS POSSIBLE… YOU IN?

    @ Lacey- Santa will look into the grips (shouldn’t be a problem), seminars are scheduled almost every month for the next couple of months (check:))

    What else guys…I’m building a list:-)

  6. Secret Santa

    Geramie!!!! Your stocking is getting full and I need more room for more goodies!!!!
    Your Secret Santa

  7. Lesley

    To my secret Santa,
    Thank you for my wonderful gift!! It fits perfectly and I loved the play on words!

    Wish list:
    Inov8s because my vans have a hole
    Weightlifting shoes because everyone knows my squat sucks
    Warm workout clothes because as I learned this morning working out in 40 degree weather is not easy…. Buuuurrrrrr
    Please and thank you!!!!

    … Can someone make sure David looks at this!!!!!

  8. If you didnt yell round, I probably missed it, sorry. Blog it on here if I missed any.


    Todd 145# 8 rx
    Jana V. 35# 5+1 (knees)
    Jesse 105# 5 rx
    Cheryl 55# 4+19 rx
    Melissa 70# 6 (knees)
    Marcel 55# 4+14 rx
    Scott 105# 7+20 rx


    Schwaby 115# 8rx
    Nathan 95# 4+4 (rom)
    Johnny G. 115# 6+21
    Nirav 80# 7rx
    Suttles 75# 5+5 (run)
    Scott 85# 4+5 (knees)
    Carrie 45# 8 (knees)
    Monica 35# 6 (knees)
    Joe B. 115# 7+17 rx good pushups!
    Matt 115# 7+13 rx
    Ivy 6 (knees, run)

  9. Danny R – 6rx
    Ernesto – 7rx
    Jeff – 8rx
    Danielle – 7 rx
    Jodie – 7rx
    Raquel – 6 knees
    Jason A – 7 rom
    Anna – 7 kneees
    Drew – 6 squats
    Kristien – GHD 🙂

  10. Jeremy 5+16 purx
    Jamie 7+1 pu rx and a well deserving pu!!!!!! With 5 sec flew off the rower for that extra rep!
    Robin 5+5 pu knee
    Becca 6rds+some row knee
    Lo 6+ 17 sq sub sq for pu

  11. Ryan L. 65#, 6rds+10 pu rx
    Lacey 55#, 7rds rx
    Dani 50#, 6rds+20 pu knee
    Elizabeth 65#, 4rds+1 pu rx 🙂
    Cliff 115#, 7rds +174 m rx
    Ryan P. 115#, 5+12 pu rx
    Wayne 85#,4+16rds rx
    Ali 85# 6rds+18 pu
    clarissa 55# 6rds+216 m
    Abel 145# 7rds rx

  12. Melissa

    Hey Milk, I got something on my list for you!! A freakin perfect push-up. 20 super duper ones in a row might make me cry of happiness. I suck at them.