Tuesday 05-15-12

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  2. Brittani

    why am I first to comment…bored at work, that’s it!
    Yes, Randi killed it! I remember telling her that after her dumbbell snatches….awesome job Randi!!!!! You make want to work harder!

  3. Josh P.

    Erik, Jon and especially the CFRC Team….your are truly the backbone of our community. I have seen all of you work very hard for this competition. You all made a name for CFRC last weekend. I want to walk in all of your shoes next year. And also, I didn’t even know about the conflicts Dan had to deal with when choosing which competitors would compete, thats gotta be tough. I have a lot respect for Mike V. and Jenn G. You showed true camaraderie for the CFRC team.

  4. Pari

    First off I want to say how AWESOME all of you are, truly truly inspiring!!! I was there on Friday and it was such an amazing competition to watch and know that I am part of the “family” Dan and Shelly you guys are great and so CUTE 🙂 Thank you so much for making me and I am sure all the other “newbies” feel so welcome!!! Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!