Tuesday 04-24-12

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  1. Squatting on the toilet seat….could you imagine touching a public seat when the toliet paper is all gone!! Or even better its a great tool to have when us ladies have to pop a squat in the woods 🙂

  2. Trevor

    Hey everyone.. the ALL NEW girls EKG tanks, ALL NEW unisex CFRC hoodies, and a full stock of guys EKG t-shirts are all in and on the racks to buy just in time for regionals. The prices are on the pricing sheet on the refrigerator. If you cant find a hoodie in your size, let a coach know and we’ll get you the size in the color you’re looking for.

    Also, there are about 4 people who havent picked up your order of the girls clothing, so if you havent gotten it yet, please let a coach know and we’ll get it for you.

    Hope you all like it. It looks awesome!

  3. Melissa

    a “functional movement” is a movement that mimics or is generally similar to some of the things our bodies can perform in every day life.

    i like functional movements because they make me look like a badass when i have to lift and carry heavy things in front of people who do bicep curls all day in the corner of 24 hour fitness. haha : ]

    p.s. i like erin’s comment. true story!

  4. Cecy


    HAHAHAHAH!!! I was so thinking that a few days ago. Ive been peeing like a racehorse and my squats are coming in handy! I was like “Tabata Squat Holds have nothing on me anymore” lol. Hilarious. Feel sorry for those that fall in. Best functional movement ever.

  5. Josh H – 12:14rx
    Tanya 17:58 rx
    Todd 18:05 Modified
    Ailee 18:19 modified
    Robert G. 15:48 (red,24″,75#)
    Kaleb 19:18 rx
    Nate 15:09 modified
    Frank 15:17 modified
    Britney 18:50 (purple,20″ step up, 35#)
    Toni 16:48 (blue,45#)
    Chris 17:59 (
    Chris M 20:51 Kipping CTB Cash out 300 su 4:04
    jessy 19;11 BLUE KIP 20# CASH OUT 2:44
    Pari 13.38 35# Good Mornings Green Pull Ups
    Cash Out 300 reg unders 2.39
    Joyce 17:01/red/ 20in box/55lbs/ CA 300 S/U
    Josh P 11:45 RX

  6. 330

    Schwaby 11:03 sub GHD 4/good morinings-:54 DU’s 1/fail
    Ami 14:22 red 35# 3:46 DU
    Cat 13:07 green 15#
    Jana V 15:33 green 35#, 3:00 su
    Mel 16:27 blue, 1:23 DU
    Nick 17:49 blue 2:35 300 single
    Tom 18:04rx 4:01 singles

    Brandon 12:13 RX 1:29 DU
    peyton 18:22 rx
    Meagann 17:39 red 2:15 300 singles
    Matt F. 14:58 rx 3:04 300 singles

  7. anna 13:42 rx
    Lo 17:17 #45
    Mike J: 14:05rx, 1:43du
    kelsy 16:39 45#, stepups, blue
    dan 21:10 #45, green
    Mike C. 9:30rx 1:49 du
    drew 22:20 red band 30in box 95lb 4:00 300 sin

  8. 1730

    Jackie 14:35 red band 2:48 300 jump rope
    Maddie 14:46 blue band 2:55 300 jump rope
    Nate L: 14:29 (pullups, 30″, 75#) 2:55 C/O
    Kelly: 18:51 (green/ 3 45lb plates/ 25#) 2:45 300 SU C/O
    nicole: 18.30 rings/step up/bar no weight, jump rope3:55
    anna: 17:26 blue, #35, 2:52 300 jump rope
    rique 17:57rx, 1:30 du
    Mike F 18:39 regular pull-ups, 65#; 7:19du
    JODIE 13:25 RX
    Joyce 17:25/20 box/2 purple band /55lbs
    Dee 14:38RX

  9. Rachel R – blue band 45lbs GM * First double under**
    Jamie – 2 skinny purple bands, 20″, 16:23, 5:22 300 sus
    joe b. forgot time(blue band)
    Thomas – 19:00 blue band 24″ box jumps 85lb gm’s 300 su’s
    John G – 11:28 65# 330 DU
    Brad – 16:40 45 bar

  10. 1930:

    Todd Porter: 12:53RX CO: 1:22RX
    Ryan: 16:41RX
    Dani: 17:03 blue band+20inch box
    Lacey: 21:14 (20″) 7:37
    Lesley H. 20:31RX
    Corey 19:43 24″ box
    Ruthie 16:36 (20″, green band, 35#)
    lizette 25.09 black 45 lb
    Sagie 19:17 green 45lbs dbl under attempts/200 single
    Gerry 18:25 green band, 24″, 75lb
    Edwin 25:32 RX (SMH BUSted shin)
    Rich P. 21:45 Blu band 24 box #95 300 SU CO
    Cliff: 12:58 RX

    Sammy- 18:08 black #45 dbl under attempts

  11. Valentina

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