Tuesday 04-10-12

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  1. Jenn G.

    Did anyone find a pair of black lifting shoes yesterday?
    I agree with Anna, muscle ups. One of these days I will get one.

  2. Nirav

    Squats with perfect form.

    Here’s a good Rippetoe quote about squats from his book Starting Strength:

    “There is simply no other exercise, and certainly no machine, that produces the level of central nervous system activity, improved balance and coordination, skeletal loading and bone density, muscular stimulation and growth, connective tissue stress and strength, psychological demand and toughness, and overall systemic conditioning as the correctly performed full squat.”

  3. Joe McClellan: 11:21 (Rx)
    Matt W 11:13 Rx
    FRANK B 1311
    kALEB 14:31 Prescription
    margie 15:14 #35
    Dom 14:05 RX
    Jon S. 14:51 rx
    GERAMIE B. 14:00 RX
    aIMEE s. 17:30
    STEPHANI 16:56 #35
    JEANETTE 19:17
    TODD 19:40

  4. 0900 CONTINUED

    susan 21:38 15#
    Ailee- 19:44 Rx
    Ana P 18:00 Rx, sled pull rx
    Josh H – 8:50rx, c/o 225lb sled push 400m
    Nathan 11:59
    28 CAL ROW
    28 OHS 95#
    28 GHD’S
    400M RUN
    28 PULL-UPS
    28 V-UPS
    28 CAL ROW

  5. 330

    Brandon 11:16 RX
    Meagann 13:25 RX
    Erin 12:24rx
    Gaby 16:49rx
    Carrie 13:44 (15#) C/O 135# BOY WEIGHT 🙂
    Scott 10:18 C/O #135 4:15
    Matt F. 11:41 c/o #135 5:15
    Tom 16:12 RX c/o #135 5:30

  6. 430

    Landon 19:07 Rx C/O 4:34 (5K 27:54)
    anna 14:40rx
    Cecy 13:48 (sub dips for burpees)
    damion r. 17:01 Rx
    Suttles 19:14 RX
    Riq 11:20rx
    Trevor 1549 rx
    Sarah 16:27 (2 r w 45lb/3 w 15lb)
    Dan 20:00 rx
    Erik-8:09 Rx’d
    Ron 19:07 rx
    Lo 17:10 rx
    Paul S 10:58 rx

  7. I would love to be the best at the Snatch. (noooo guys, get your head out of the gutters)…the Snatch is a series of very technical movements, that must come together under a tremendous amount of speed…BADASS!

  8. Mike V

    Milk stole my answer! SNATCH! Its an all inclusive movement. Meaning you use your whole body, to move a lot of weight, a large distance, very fast. Powerful legs, powerful core, powerful upper body. aka, Badass!

  9. 1830:

    Todd Porter 12:12RX 400M Sled Pull #180
    JODIE 13:05 RX Sled Pull RX
    Cindy 14:40 15lb Sled Pull RX
    Rich P. 18:37 Sled RX
    Thomas 16:40 45, 15lb 400m sled pull 135
    Gerry 17:15 RX Sled Pull RX
    Edwin 15:00 RX SLED PULL RX
    Brad 16:45 RX SLED

  10. I would choose to be the best at the POWER CLEAN. I think this is a fundamental movement and addresses a weakness of mine- shrugging. Second would be the DEADLIFT so that I could have glutes like Coach Nancy. Now that would be badass!

  11. Paul Saavedra

    Paul Saavedra

    Squat Snatch…Most dynamic power lifting movement we do. Power, speed, core strength, balance, coordination. Sound familiar? That’s what Crossfit is all about.