Tuesday 02-11-14

25 Responses

  1. 3 pm

    Mark M 7+5ttb mod
    Marcos 6+7ss2oh mod
    Nicole 7+3box mod
    Lex 7+3 box mod

    4 pm

    Brian 5+12 s2oh mod
    Sandy 6+5box mod
    Andrea 6+10box mod
    Chris O 6+8s2oh mod
    Cameron 5+2ttb mod
    Henry 5+9s2oh mod
    Emmanuel 7+2box rx
    Schwaby 6+15 box rx

  2. Joyce

    A) 16 thrusters 95#
    B) 26 DUs (LOL….one at a time)
    C) attempts
    D) 95# (and stopped there. My shoulder hurt)
    E) 7 rds + 1 box jump RX

  3. Brent Fuller

    Edge from work:
    13 thrusters
    90 DU
    11 Bar MU (no rings at work)
    155# snatches
    4 rds + 12 shoulder to overhead (a lot of distance between movements due to set up at work)

  4. Dugas

    8 thrusters
    110 Double Unders
    11 muscle ups
    135# snatch (at opens last year I was only able to get 3 with a lot of time left. And they sure as hell weren’t touch and go. probably at least a minuet between each.)
    5 rounds + 6 shoulder to overhead.