Tuesday 01-21-14

24 Responses

  1. Cindy

    Got to 5 cleans @100, purple band CTB, finished workout purple band ring dips, 7X5 BS @ 95lbs! I’m tired!!!

  2. Coach Dave A.

    3 PM

    Lamarre 1snatch rx
    Joe 7 jerks rx
    Schwaby 11 cleans rx
    Josh 20 jerks rx
    Anna 7 cleans 85#
    Meaghann 2 snatch rx
    Mike V. 3 muscle ups rx
    Emmanuel 6 jerks rx
    marcos 20 cleans mod
    Nicole 20 jerks mod

  3. Coach Dave A.

    4 pm

    Brian 2 burp mod
    Brett 8 jerks rx
    Brad G. 7 jerks rx
    Tom 5 cleans mod
    Christina 12 jerks mod
    Mark 10 jerks mod
    Cameron 15 burp rx
    Henry 23 burpees mod
    Mike C. 6 snatch rx
    Andrea 15 jerks mod

  4. Coach Dave A.

    5 pm
    Jenn G. 2 snatch rx
    Craig N. 3 muscle ups rx
    Craig G. 5 cleans rx
    Erin 3 snatch rx
    Amanda 12 cln mod
    Blake 3 cleans mod

  5. Milk

    (At work)
    A. 285x5x7sets
    B. 7MU (got a call at 55 sec left…pretty bummed not being able to finish it). I really think I would of got back to the wall balls if my equipment wasn’t all over the place and I didn’t get a call at the end.

  6. Jess Fuller

    a) First set @ 125#, then next 6 sets @ 135#
    b) 29 Burpees, red band C2B.
    i)Finished the WOD for punishment: 95# Cleans, 75# Jerk, 75# snatches, sub MU for purple banded ring dips and blue banded MU progressions

  7. Aubrey Garay

    First Edge Workout! Woo!
    a) 1st set 75#, 2nd/3rd 95#, 4th/5th/6th 105#, 7th 110#
    b) 18 cleans 65# (then finished the rest for the heck of it. 65# Jerks, 45# Snatch, sub red banded ring dips for MU)

  8. Edwin Sanchez

    1. 7 sets @205
    2. Finished the C2B but continued until I finished the push jerk. Have not felt good all day. Going to rest up.

  9. Brent

    Edge from work:

    A. 215#
    B. 16 jerks (might have been able to get to snatches but the pull up bar at work is brutal on the hands)