Thursday 1-8-15

10 Responses

  1. Coach Cliff Class

    6:00 a.m.

    Mike C. 12:34 rx
    John 13:57 rx
    Vito 17:10 mod
    Jamie 16:32 rx
    Louie 15:49 rx
    Britt 18:10 rx
    Ana 16:38 rx
    Tim 16:11 rx
    Dannielle mod

  2. Coach Shelly Class

    Matt G. 12:53rx
    Alex C. 16:15 75#
    Bryan V. 16:09 75#
    Lily 19:27 45#
    Margie 18:45 45#
    Carri 22:05 55#
    Nancy 23:26 55#/plank holds
    Andrea 18:06 65/45#
    Aiesha 20:34 rx
    Kacey 18:35 rx
    Olga 17:06 rx
    Bill 21:05 75#

  3. Jenn G.

    The Bod Pod will be coming this Saturday to CFRC.

    The person in charge will be at the gym from 6am – 12pm. It is $75 for the two test option and he has also mentioned that people are able to test once for $40. The one test would be beneficial for someone that is not doing the weight loss challenge, but just interested in seeing their numbers and data.

    There are a few requirements:
    The cost would be $75 per person for the POD or $40 for one test
    No eating or exercise 2 hours prior to testing for best results
    Clothing requirement: compression shorts, bathing suits, sports bras (you may test yourself if you are uncomfortable with Greg testing you or I can test you)
    Each person will take about 15 minutes
    Retest will be the weekend of February 20th.
    The weight loss challenge will start this Saturday with a $25 buy in fee. So if you are doing the Bod Pod – 2 tests and challenge, your fee will be $100. You are able to just participate in the challenge for $25. The Bod Pod is optional. This will be a 45 day challenge using any diet of your choice. It will end the weekend of February 20th.

    I will except weigh ins until Wednesday, January 14th since this is short notice. There will be a sign up sheet and envelope in the office to put your money. There will be no point system this time due to the short notice.

    Please email me the time slot you want for Saturday if you are doing the Bod Pod. I will email you to confirm your time. Let me know if I missed anything, because this is happening all sooooo fast.


  4. Coach ashley's Class

    Meagann 13:21 rx unbroken
    Jason 14:50 mod
    binley 12:43 65# clean 45#GM
    jessica 16:10 55#
    Jaime 17:05 95#
    Amanda 14:48 #45
    Joyce 12:47 rx

  5. Coach Cliff Class

    6:00 p.m.

    Adam 18:25 mod
    Amaya 18:56 mod
    Anthony 18:30 mod
    Duane 18:26 rx
    Maggie 19:25 mod
    Sal 19:10 mod
    Shawn 20:27 rx
    Tricia 17:52 mod
    Wes 17:53 rx
    Johanna 20:43 rx
    Matt F. 13:10 rx
    Wyatt 15:23 rx
    Josh 15:21 rx
    Jared 16:05 rx
    Tara 14:37rx
    Linnie 17:02 rx
    Nick 20:48 rx
    Iilana 20:43 mod

  6. Coach Cliff Class

    7:00 p.m.

    Luis b. 20:40 rx
    Luis 18:20 mod
    Gaby 16:06 mod
    Jess 17:45 mod
    Bryan 18:55 rx
    Ruthie 15:22 mod
    Corey 17:24 rx
    Tracey 17:10 mod
    Jessica 18:03 mod

  7. Coach Cliff Class

    8:00 p.m.

    Tom 22:58 mod
    Sarab 20:24 mod
    Michelle 21:37 mod
    Mellissa 22:28 mod
    Keith 17:10 mod
    Brett 16:33 rx
    Brenda 21:37 mod