Thursday 01-05-12

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  1. Tanya – 4 rounds + 15 box jumps Rx (24′ box) C/O 10/15#
    Josh – 5 rounds + 7 T2B Rx C/O 10/#20
    Ana – 4 rounds + 18 Box Jumps (Green band and High Knees)
    Brittani – 5 rounds + 18 Box Jumps (Green band and High Knees)
    Matt – 5 Rounds + 10 T2B C/O 12/#20
    Jason – 5 rounds (sub GHD’s and push-ups for pull-ups and T2B)
    Jamie – 5 Rounds + High Knees (18′ Box)

  2. JD

    A pyramid is built from the ground up so the foundation to any sport is nutrition. If your diet sucks then you you cannot excel in your sport. Next would be your Metabolic Conditioning. If your conditioning is no good then your gymnastics & weightlifting falter. These are the building blocks to elite fitness. Each block from the ground up must be solid or the entire pyramid crumbles.

  3. Abel the "Wolverine"

    What JD said.

    Also, if you look at this thing at the right angle, it looks like one of Nancy’s socks in the shape of a triangle.

    But seriously, your diet is everything. It’s like they say, “You don’t get results in the gym-you get results in the kitchen!”

  4. Chris M.

    These are the building blocks for a well rounded superior athlete. You can’t have one without the other.

  5. Coach Nick 8+15 T2B rx (10@20#)
    Nick P. 🙁 I didn’t get your rounds
    Casey 4 (sub bj/burpees,hk,blue)
    Jodie 5+15 BJ (20″) (10@10#)
    Russel 5+12 BJ rx
    Autumn 4+12 T2B (20″) 10@16#/9ft
    Todd 6 (blue,hk)
    Brett 5+9 T2B (sub pull ups/push ups,20″) (10@10#)
    Marguarite 3+12 Push ups (dead hang w/kip,step ups,push ups)

    All box jumps done as game standards with pause at the top and hips fully extended.

  6. Paul Saavedra

    Nutrition: Like a house, a strong foundation is key. Without it, you fall apart.
    Metabolic Conditioning: Teaching and conditioning your body to use and store fuel at the optimal times.
    Gymnastics (Body Control): Creating the body coordination to execute Crossfit type movements.
    Weightlifting&Throwing: Strength training…enough said.
    Sport: All of this is necessary for you to perform whatever sport you choose, at the highest level possible.

    Not only will you be a better Crossfitter but a stronger individual, with the confidence and strength to conquer any challenge that ever comes your way.

  7. Craig 8 rds rx!!!!! 🙂
    Melissa 5 rds+9 hk blue/hk
    Peyton 4rds+10 t2b rx
    Scott 5rds+ 5 pu rx
    Landon 4rds+bj green
    Todd 4rds +1 t2b rx
    Randi 6rds+8 t2b rx
    Jessy 5rds gr/hk did her first box jump!!! 🙂
    Joe Joe 3rds+t2b rx
    Nathan 4 rds rx
    Jana 6 rds 4 plates/gr/hk
    Carrie 7rds hk/gr

    Everyone one did volume wallballs like champions 🙂

  8. JOe B – 5 + 8t2b rx
    Paul – 6 + 4 t2b rx
    JD 5 + 9 t2b rx+ 30in
    Dustin – 3 + 5 t2b (blue)
    Raquel – 4 + 15 HK
    Kristen G – 4 + 7 pu rx+ 24in
    Ernesto – 5 su/rd
    Ivy BadassMF 4 + 15 hk, step ups, green

  9. Dee 5 + 18 bj rx
    Nate – 6 (ghd/gm)
    Jason – 3 + 18 bj (green/knees)
    Kelly – 3 (18in 🙂 green, knees)
    Josh 5 + 1 bj rx+ vest
    Joe 2 + 10 toes to bar (blue)
    GIl – 3 + 8 t2b (knee)

  10. 1930
    Cecy-5+18 BJ (GHD’s and ring rows)
    Lacey-3+7PU Rx’d
    Lesley-4+18 BJ 24”
    Jake-3+9 BJ (green+red band) Awesome First Class Dude!!!
    Becca-3+18 BJ
    Bryan-3+15 BJ
    Dani-3+15 T2B
    Ryan-4+3 PU
    Ryan B-4+5 PU Rx’d
    Robin-5+11 T2B
    Ashley-4+3 PU 24”
    Cliff-5+11 BJ Rx’d
    Sage-3+15 T2B
    Phillip-3+2 T2B