Thursday 07-12-12

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  1. Misty

    Gluten is the protein found in wheat barley and rye and is it what gives things such as French bread it’s chewy texture. The more that you knead a dough the more gluten formation is seen. It appears as a stringy texture and if you rinse dough under running water you are left with the elastic-like gluten.

  2. cecy: 15-12-9 (2pd dl, #65 hc, #65 pp) 6:?? GM: 65
    Chris 8:50 25lbs
    donny :6:14 95 lbs gm 95#
    Pope 7:49 rx+ 115# gm 95, 115, 115
    Matt F. 5:14 rx, gm 95, 105, 115
    Lesley 7:39 rx, gm 45, 65, 75
    Ashleigh 6:14rx, gm 45, 65, 65
    Jamie 7:41rx+ #75, gm 75, 85, 95
    CASEY 8:14 55LBS GOOD MORNINGS 25/35/45

  3. To all you “Haters”

    I normally never acknowledge or take the time to respond to this type of thing that seems to happen every year around Regionals and the Games, but in this case…you’ve got the best of me and I now feel it’s time to speak up instead of remaining silent.

    Let me give you a quick back story (or history lesson…if you will). It seems like every year; right around Regionals…you get a lot of “haters and shit talkers” that try to start as many rumors as possible about the gym or our athletes. I don’t know if it’s a plan to try to distract us, or just the insecurities of their own abilities that pushes them to conceive and spread the lies and disruptions that come out of their mouths.

    Here’s what happens… The gym (or athletes) do pretty good in the CrossFit Opens…which then prompts the “Haters” to say “oh, they must be cheating”. The Regionals come around and in our case…we have one athlete that does REALLY WELL…(the team doesn’t do too shabby either).

    Then all HELL brakes loose!

    Anyone and everyone wants a “piece of the pie”…They either want credit for HIS/HER accomplishments, or they want him/her to promote their business, equipment or even friendship. “Haters” start writing the athlete about “I hope CFRC appreciates you”, “why don’t they pay you?”, “they should be plastering you all over Social Media”, “You would do better over here”, “you put that gym on the map” and even things like “I’ll pay you to come with us” or “ you worked out with me a few times, and you got your skills from us”.

    Now at first, this really bothered my staff and I…we took it personal (who wouldn’t?). We wanted to fire back and defend ourselves and wanted to explain all the things the gym has done. But for what? Why? You end up stooping to their level and if you’re lucky, you might be able to make them look dumb for saying and doing those things…but the effect of it, would cause a “bruise” on our gym’s reputation, and would make CrossFit in general, look bad. So we remained quiet and kept concentrating on the members as a whole and the positive changes everyone is having.

    Now lets take it up to present day… Presently, history has repeated itself. We still have the “haters” some of the same…some new ones. We still have people recruiting, we still have disgruntled individuals taking credit and we still hear the immature rumors coming out of their mouths.

    Why address it now? Why publically? Even when you know the drawbacks to doing so? Because I’m going to use this opportunity to let the CrossFit world know where CFRC stands on this matter and then crawl back into the shadows and “take the higher road” and stay quiet, never to address them again.

    CFRC is comprised of over 250 members…I want to repeat this…we have 250 members! Not one! We are a team, a community and a family! We are not 250 single individuals put under one roof…we are 1 group of 250. So when the “haters” say things like “you put that gym on the map, and I hope they appreciate it”, they forget what CrossFit is all about and why I started this gym. We don’t appreciate people based on how far they go in the sport, we appreciate them as a member of something bigger than themselves. We appreciate their family values. We appreciate how they interact with others. We appreciate their impact on the gym. One person is not BETTER than any other member in our gym. I’m just as happy about someone’s first pull-up, as I am for someone taking 1st place at the CrossFit Games.

    Is it awesome to see your team member go to the “Big Show”? HELL YA! Does it cause a big buzz in the gym, and get everyone excited? HELL YA! Do we respect and appreciate all the hard work that HE OR SHE did to get there? HELL YA! But NO ONE is better than any other person in here. And luckily, we have the MOST HUMBLE, LOVING and GOOD WILLED athlete’s around. All the way from our top athlete taking first in the SoCal Regionals… down to our new “on-rampers” just learning how to squat.

    So “Haters”… I don’t expect you to believe or understand this but our support comes through our community…Not money! We do “sponsor” our top athletes by taking care of distractions like (special coaching and programming, dues, clothing, entry fees, home equipment, even off hour access to the gym), but we have not, and will not pay athletes for performance…that’s just not us. I love my members, and want what’s best for them, if they can make a living doing CrossFit, and there’s a company out there that will pay them to do it…I’ll be the first one to support them, but my business isn’t the business of “buying athletes”, my affiliate is in the business of effecting as many lives in my community as possible. And that is done through a collective effort of ALL members…this I believe is “HOW CFRC WAS PUT ON THE MAP”.

    I realize CrossFit has grown ridiculously fast, and with growth like this, we are attracting a ton of “bad apples” or in a more politically correct wording “mis-informed on the history of what CrossFit is all about” type people. I just hope other affiliates realize that we need to educate the members on the effectiveness of community when it relates to fitness and wellbeing. Our gym isn’t the BEST because we have extremely good athletes…our gym is the BEST because we have the tightest community around.

    For those of you “Hating”…We wish you the best of luck, and I truly hope you find a community of your own one day.

    Now stop distracting us…we have an athlete to support and cheer on at the CrossFit Games…

    GO PERA…

    Dan Mielke
    CrossFit Rancho Cucamonga

  4. Perea

    I have a 1 limited access ticket for Saturday and Sunday. $40 for both. Text me if interested.


  5. Bryant 5:40 @ 75# snatch/ 75# good mornings
    Jana V: 5:52 #35 snatch
    Rachel F: 5:57 50lbs snatch/65lbs good mornings
    Joyce 65# good mornings/45lb power snatch/ 5:54
    fercia 45# power snatch / 6:01
    ron 65# 5:18

  6. Perea

    I have 2 tickets for Sat and Sun. Limited access. so 4 tickets total. If interested, 626.392.0509

  7. Ruthie

    Thank you for your words, Dan. Very well said. Corey and I have been so honored to be a part of the CFRC community. Thank you for all you do and creating a gym where community and team are so highly valued.

    PS…Does anyone have 2 tickets to the Games on Saturday they would like to sell!?!

  8. Gaby

    Wow!! That’s awesome! Thank you Dan! Sincerely appreciate you leading our CFRC family and showing us what truly matters.
    Jon- Congratulations on your accomplishments, best of luck this weekend! And no matter what we all know YOU are awesome!!

  9. Mike F: 5:36, 75#
    Rachel R- 6:12- 35 lbs
    Leslie J – 5:24 35 lbs
    nicole: 7:20 45 BAR
    MADDIE: 5:49 45 BAR
    ANNA p: 6:05 35#
    GRETCHEN 7:53 35#
    LIZ C 8:22 #15, 45#, 45#
    BRIAN :5:45. 65#
    Gaby 4:54 45# 45 65 75
    Chris C: 6:06 45#, 45#
    Anthony 4:33 #95 GM: #95
    misty 5:56 #35/45#, 35#
    Kristine 5:23 #35, #35
    LaMarre 4:40Rx

  10. Chris S

    Rachel – You are very welcome. I am glad to share them with you. Like Dan said this is a community and family.