Thursday 04-05-12

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  1. Carrie

    I have been following the Paleo diet for about 2 weeks now. At first it was very difficult, and while I know everyone’s body is different, it took me awhile to feel “good.” I lacked energy and craved everything that was not in the plan. Now, I am seeing the results and that has helped to boost my motivation. Here are some things that have been helping so far:
    * Everyone in the house is on board (Hubby & I)
    * Accountability: Have someone ask what you’ve eaten that day
    *Celebrate when you’ve made a “good” choice over a “bad” one
    *Plan/prep your meals ahead of time
    *Have clean/cut fruit/veggies out on the counter ready to eat
    *”Eat for fuel…” mentality
    *Keep your eye on the prize! When I really want to eat something I shouldn’t, I tell myself I can have it when I’m on my vacation…LOL!

    Don’t forget to post your tips and tricks! I’d love some new ideas and motivation.

  2. Matt A

    My family has been mostly dairy free and sugar conscious for over a year now. We have been more strictly paleo for a few months now.

    We had a hard time getting rid of breads mostly because of the kids. What do you pack for lunch if it isn’t a sandwich? We’re finally figuring it out (everything BUT the bread!).

    We have all noticed much more regular energy levels. No more sugar highs/lows.

    So far it is working out great. We are probably 80% strict paleo at this point.

    We made some paleo chocolate ice cream, which was REALLY good. That is probably my favorite recipe, since I love ice cream (who doesn’t?).

  3. Randi/Grace Wb 156 burpees 120
    Matt/Jessy wb 136 burpees 132
    Tom/Josh 103 wb/94 burpees
    Peyton/james wb 116 burpees 114
    Nick/Albert 91 wb burpees 109
    Ruth/Corey wb 123 burpees 109
    Meagann wb 149 Burpees 129

    Jon S. 10:49 185# yesterdays wod

  4. Craig /Enrique wb 144 burpees 111
    Nirav/Brian 130 wb 117 burpees
    Ivy/Jewels 183 total
    Damien/Shaleen 74 burpees 96 wb (damien left Shaleen by default at 4 mins so she did all the work ) 🙂
    Suttles/Jenn burpees 112 wb 80
    Nicole/Sergio burpees 102 wb 154