Saturday 11-26-11

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  1. There are many things in Crossfit that inspire me, but what I saw in the gym yesterday was touching and inspirational. Never had I felt the urge to want to do Murph so bad:) A couple things I saw that made me proud to be apart of such an amazing gym:) and want everyone to know.

    Team Robin and Irwin. Robin finished on ramp a couple weeks ago and will be another heavy hitter for the ladies. They stuck by each others side the whole way through, and the last lap of the mile Robin was right at Irwin back with a hand over his shoulder pushing him to the very end to the role up doors:) It gave me goose bumps:)

    Team Matt and Jesse, again Matt stayed by Jesse’s side for the last leg of the run not giving her an option to stop and quit.

    Josh K. did Murph with a vest on his own, his last lap Jeff Hu decided his Murph wasn’t enough and ran the mile again just to encourage Josh to keep going.

    Everyone made me so proud yesterday. I love this gym!!!

  2. Lacey

    First, Shelly, thank you for sharing! That is awesome and I wish I could’ve been there… I love our gym, too.

    Second, THANK YOU to all of the coaches for putting on the power-lifting clinic; esp. Dan for organizing it. I loved the clinic and was excited to receive the information. I can’t wait to apply it and see some results! We received this class A clinic as part of our membership; I love the fact that our trainers want to empower us to become better athletes and take the time out of their busy schedules to do so.

  3. Cliff

    I agree with Lacey. Great clinic with tons of information on how to improve your strength and apply proper warm-up exercises. Thank you Dan, Sean, Jon and RD.

  4. Matty F.

    I agree with these comments I already loved this gym, joinging was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time, but this class brougt my love to a whole other level. This gym is filled with amazing, ispirational and motivating people….I look forward to going everyday and miss it once i leave the front door.

    As for the clinic it made me just want to excell more! I’m looking forward to finding all my max lifts and then just smashing them every week. Thank you Dan and all the other coaches for a great class…