Saturday 08-25-12

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  1. Nancy

    Tomorrows Schedule

    8:00AM – Mike, Trevor, Erin, Tanya
    8:19AM – Erik, Dave, Shelly, Randi
    8:38AM – JD, Sean, Nancy, Anna

    12:28PM – Mike, Trevor, Erin, Tanya
    12:50PM – Erik, Dave, Shelly, Randi
    1:12PM – JD, Sean, Nancy, Anna

    7:00 – Dinner and Drinks at the Rancho Cucamonga El Torito for Coach Erin and Sean’s bday! Make sure to come out and give your favorite coaches some love!

    There is also a third WOD that all three teams will be doing at some point between 9 – 3…there will be all sorts of cool things to see all day long so come out to support your favorite gym 🙂

    The comp is at Axiom Crossfit 8677 Utica Ave in Rancho…make sure to wear your red shirt 😉

    CFRC will be open at 8 for on ramp and 9 for the team wod!

  2. JENN G. 27:35 (75 BURPEE BOX JUMPS)
    Todd W. 30:42 75 box jumps. Rowed 1600 meters
    donny and Robin 28:43
    oriana 36:45 23 box jump, 1 mile run, 1600m row
    Joyce & Rachel- 33:34 RX
    Monica 37:33 (75 burpee 20in box jumps)
    Jamie/Ashleigh 37:55
    Craig G 29:00 rx
    Corey/Edwin 30:21 rx