Saturday 01-19-13

10 Responses

  1. JD

    “Berny Ok, that guy has such an awesome last name. I couldn’t stop saying it at the christmas party” – JD

  2. Team Lazy Dogs

    If you are coming out to see team lazy dogs we got bumped up to earlier heats….1115, 1:57, and 4:19 :). See ya soon!

  3. Coach Erik's Class

    Jamie, Joyce, Cindy A: 32rds + 5 burpees, B. 31rds + 6 pushups
    Sergio, Mike, Emma 61rds
    Bob/Shane/Berny 56 rds @ 105 and RX
    John, Dugas, jason A. 35+1p/c B. 32+6p/u RX
    Jeff B/Nate L/Mike F 59 rds

  4. Joe A

    (imagine a mirror off cam)
    “Damn, I should be on the cover of Body Building – I am one kick ass stud!”