Monday 8-3-15

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  1. 9AM
    Alex 3+25kb 53#
    Cari 3+21kb 35# su
    Chris 5+180su 18#
    Frank S 6+Run 53# su
    Leslie 5+200m 25# su
    Lily 3RDs 35#
    Margie 5+18su 25#
    Marguerite 5 RDs MOD
    Nick 3+9KB SU
    Olga 5 Rds 35# su
    Paul 5+200m 53#
    Nicole 4 Rds 35#
    Monica 4+Run 25#

  2. Joyce is looking for a female partner for a competition this Sat in Ontario. Any takers?

    ICYMI, Here are the WODs for the competition
    WOD 1: 7 minute AMRAP RX
    Partner A, 10 pistols, 10 dumbbell snatches 55/35
    Partner B, box jumps
    Partners switch every minute

    WOD 2:
    Clean and jerk ladder. Both partners have one minute to complete the lift and gave only one attempt. If one should fail, they will do deadlifts until 30 seconds until next lift. Deadlift reps will be used as a tie breaker.
    RX division must squat clean

    WOD 3: chipper for time with a 10 minute time cap
    RX — 100 double unders
    50 thrusters 135/95
    40 lateral burpee jump overs
    30 wall balls
    20 chest to bar
    10 snatches 135/95
    Sprint to finish line

    Only one person working at a time and partner cannot advance to next station until reps are completed