Monday 01-23-12

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  1. Nancy

    This quote was on the mainsite the other day and I liked it because it reminded me of something Coach Schwabface would say…..and who doesn’t love Coach Schwabface????

  2. Jacob – 4:21 (#75) 8:23
    Josh – 4:22 (#75) 8:53
    Craig – 6:36 (#95) 8:26
    Jamie – 4:22 (#45) 9:49
    Jason Alexander – 5:22rx
    Kristen G – 5:23 rx+ Ring PU
    Randi! – 6:06 rx+ Ring PU
    Jen G – 8:34 rx+ Ring PU

  3. Best moment from last years competition wasn’t actually in a competition, it was when Shelly and I practiced the “team Amanda” WOD and we killed it. Very proud moment watching Shelly. Unfortunately we didnt get a chance to showcase it:(

  4. Perea

    My favorite memory was from the sectionals 2 years ago at UCLA. I remember everyone getting excited to see their name on that jumbo tron when their heats were up…Watching Dan, Shelly, Nancy, Sean and Jon all compete in the stadium chipper was a great experience. It was just fun to see everyone and the whole atmosphere there. Looking back we a had a good crowd to support you guys but nothing like today…..i can’t believe how much CFRC has grown!

  5. Richard Cruz

    My best was volunteering at the games.
    Being backstage during the games was a surreal experience like no other.
    My favorite part was watching the athletes behind the curtain just moments before they were called into the arena for competition. You could see and feel their ‘eye of the tiger’ passion, I get goosebumps just picturing it all over again.
    I will definitely do it again this year.

  6. 0900

    Geramie 3:56rx 7:53co
    Frank 4:24 (125#) 8:05co
    Cookie 7:25rx 8:28co
    Joe C. 6:00(95#) 7:56co
    Nathan 4:24(105#) 8:09co
    Brett 5:29(85#) 8:53co
    Ana 5:05 (45#,knees) 10:31co
    Casey 7:17(60#) 9:17co
    Chris 5:17(35,knees) 9:59co
    Susan 8:06(65#,knees) 10:48co

  7. 3:30
    Jana V 3:45 35# co 9:34
    Wes 3:48 RX+ RingPU
    Lannette 4:18 35# co 10:19
    Craig 3:59 RX co 8:01
    Landon 6:54 135# co 8:30
    Brandon 7:19 RX+ RingPU co 8:02
    Dave J 3:37 RX+ RingPU co 7:37
    Shelly 6:12 RX+ RingPU, 115#
    Drew 6:35 RX+ RingPU, 165# co 7:41
    Jon P 3:29 RX+ RingPU, 205#
    Raymond Fast!! 95# co 8:45

  8. JD 5:14 rx+ 185# ring pu
    Kristen 4:46 55#
    Nick Y. 5:13 rx+ 165#, ring pu
    PErea 5:37 rx+ ring pu
    Joe B. 6:52 135# ring pu
    Ivy 6:14 75# and great push-ups!!!
    Eric 5:47rx+ 205# ring pu
    Paul 7:04 rx+ ring pu
    Nancy 7:58 rx+ 115#, ring pu
    Peyton 8:17 95#
    NAthan 9:10 95#
    Suttles 6:21 75#

  9. 1730
    WOD/2k Row
    Ami-4:43 45#
    Todd-5:07 Rx/7:48
    Anna-5:58 Rx/8:49.8
    Phillip-6:22 Rx+
    Kristine-7:37 35#/9:33
    Mike-6:48 75#/8:36.8
    Ron-7:24 95#/9:09
    Raquel-7:57 65#/9:47.8
    Jeremy-10:42 Rx’d+
    Matt F-11:00 Rx’d +/9:17.4
    Anthony-6:26 Rx’d+/8:36.42

    Wayne-7:40 135#/8:21
    Joe-6:42 Rx’d/8:33
    Phillip-7:24 Rx’d/7:31.8
    Abel-5:26 Rx’d+/7:43.85
    John G-7:35 135#/8:18
    Brad-6:35 75#
    Nick-5:38 Rx’d+/7:26.2
    Sessy-4:50 85#
    Ernesto-4:49 135#
    Cliff-6:19 Rx’d+/8:29.3
    Sam-8:47 85#/10:25
    Ashley-5:43 Rx’d/ 8:51.1
    Babu-12:46 85#/9:29.7
    Jamie-4:49 115#/9:00.8
    Robert-5:41 135#/8:48
    Christina-5:00 65#/9:36.5
    Christel-4:23 65#/10:37.9

  10. Abel


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