Monday 11-12-12

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  1. Dan Mielke

    You’ll notice that Cliff, Joyce and Kelsey aren’t on the score sheet…They are already on their own team, so I took them off the standings to get a more accurate scoring for the those competing for the spots.

    Great job everyone. Super proud of all of you. If you’d like to see more of these, let me know.

  2. Dan Mielke

    Paul S: 1h 58min Rx+ 10.27 miles
    Autumn 2h 34min RX+ 10.27 miles
    Clarissa 2h 51 min RX on miles and 25 red band pullups
    Frank B: 2H,30MIN Rx
    Coach Nancy 2hrs 14 min Burpees then Pull ups

  3. Dan Mielke

    Randi: 1:44:04 RX
    Erik: 1:41:38 RX
    Ari (5 rounds of 1 mile and 15 burpee pullups-blue band) 65:45
    Heidi 1:07 5 miles/75 burpees/75 red band pull ups

  4. Dave S. 2:25:00RX
    Natalie 2:24 burpees then pu blue band
    Joyce RX 2:19:30 (With Lex)
    Lex 10 miles!! (poor thing fell during 7th mile, but kept going!)
    Craig G – 2:01:33RX
    Mike C. 1:39:17rx
    ron 2:27:08 RX

  5. Matt f.

    2:01 rx. 10 rds 1mile run 15 burpee pull ups. Great job to anyone who went in today. This was brutal. Great job everyone.