Monday 10-22-12

11 Responses

  1. Lesley 47:50RX
    Geramie 41:26rx
    Margie 37:37 #45 R/ pulls
    Nathan: 46:32 #95
    Guzman: 53:37 #115/ Pulls
    Brandon 40:59 #115/ pulls
    Thomas: 42:39 95#
    JOE B. 46:17(modified-hand release pu(100))
    Toni 45:07 #55
    Vince 40:25 #115
    Ryan 51:02 #95

  2. Mike F

    Some additional information on Glen Doherty written by Brian Evans of Crossfit Folsom Lake:


    Former US Navy SEAL Glen Doherty, 42, was killed while serving as Dept. of Defense security for Ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi, Libya September 11, 2012.

    Glen served in multiple combat missions throughout the world including Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Libya, and Somalia for the better part of the last 20 years.

    Pilot, sniper, and medic. Most importantly, Glen was a fiercely loyal friend to countless people, many of which consider him a brother, just as I do. He could quickly enter your heart, be it with a sincere smile, gesture, or an outrageous story. But it was his humble nature, quick wit, and dedication to his friends that is now unforgettable and unmatched.

    Glen always did see the best in his friends and would let them know, especially when they could not see it themselves. He never missed a chance to say I love you or to give you a hug. Knowing what he did, he never wanted to miss an opportunity to let us know how he felt. He left as an amazing friend and brother to many, but has now become a hero to thousands.

    Thank you for your service. Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for your love.

    You are deeply missed.

  3. 3:00

    Natalie 41:52 #65 sub 50 blue band pu for rope climb
    peyton 42:36 85#, rope climbs
    Monica 39:47 45#, rope pulls
    Ana P 45:01 60# 7 rope climbs 3 modified
    Coach Erin 35:14rx
    LaMarre 30:17 Rx

    Schwaby 33:46rx
    Leslie J 41:14 45# rope pulls
    Jamie 46:06 50 pullups sub for rope climbs
    Joyce 44:32 RX

  4. 5pm

    Mike F 41:47 105#
    Heidi 43:10 #55
    Henry: 36:10 75# 1mi., 1/2 mi. 40 burp., scaled rope
    Sotro 32:27 rx
    jav 48:47 scaled rope, 65#
    Mike L. 31:52 RX

    Gilbert 36:05 #95, Rope pulls
    Todd W. 41:04 modified #90 rope pulls
    Nina: 41:31 mod #45 rope pulls
    Jeff H: 41:48 #95 RX the rest
    Kristine 41:15 #45, rope pulls
    jackie h.: 44:41 #55 6 rope climbs 12 rope pulls
    Misty 44:59 65# pulls
    Mark M 45:09 Rope Pulls
    Matt D. 46:30 #65 Rope Pulls
    Liz C: 47:33 65# ring pulls
    Jordan C: #75 rest RX 48:43
    Drew 135# rope pulls 44:45