Monday 01-02-12

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  1. Jon Martinez

    Happy New Year to the whole CFRC family! Thank you for making me stronger mentally and physically while building great camaraderie with fellow crossfitters…with you by my side, I’m confident that 2012 will be a great year of being FIT! Thank you again!

  2. matt f.

    Be able to do/ master the muscle up, pistols, and hand stand push ups. Also finish the camp pendleton mud run in june, tough mudder in july, spartan race in december. And hopefully do a half marathon =p. Happy new year everyone!

  3. Jessy

    I would like to do a crossfit competition this year:). If that is to much, my goal will be to master handstand push ups and a muscle up.. I’m working on it and so extremely happy I was introduced to the world of crossfit.. Yahoo for babies:)..

  4. Robin

    Hi all! I was wondering if anyone is interested in doing the Surf City Half marathon this year. It is about 4 weeks away on Feb 5 ~ I just do them for fun. There’s a pretty nice post-party on the beach with a beer garden for the runners. Most of the course is on PCH in Huntington. These are always more fun with company. Let me know!

  5. Melissa

    My goal this year is to finish a half marathon (Heartbreak Ridge Half Marathon Sept. 8) in 2 hours or less. Last time I got 2:08, and I have PLENTY of time to train this time so we’ll see how it goes!

  6. Wayne

    Robin, I’m running the Surf City as well. It’s a really good run and the best way to spend the morning of Super Bowl Sunday!! I think a group of CrossFitRC out there would be a blast!

  7. 0900

    Ashleigh 5:18rx
    Chris 7:51 (35#)
    jamie 6:17 rx+ (135#)
    Kelsy 8:47 (65#) Welcome back!
    Randi 5:38 rx+ (155#)
    lauren 5:57 (55#)
    Ivy 6:57 (45#)
    Jeff 6:19rx
    Johnny G. 5:48rx
    Tanya 5:32rx


    CAthy 5:27 (105#)
    Autumn 6:18rx
    Joiette 6:34 (35#)
    Scott 4:25rx+ (165#)
    Luis 5:21 rx+ (ran w/sled)
    Frank 5:53rx
    Cheryl 5:56 (95#)
    Jesse 6:37rx
    Brett 6:26 (sub air squats and pushups for burpies)
    Jon M. 6:33rx
    Brittani 6:11 (45#)
    Dave J. 4:46 rx+ (185#)

  8. Richard Cruz

    My goal Is Camp Pendleton run in June and Tough Mudder in July.
    50 pull-ups and 25 Handstand Pushups