Monday 07-16-12

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  1. Josh P.

    My favorite moment of the Games was when Spealler hammered through the sledge hammer WOD and crushed everyone. That guy works hard and hangs with all the big dogs. Seeing Spealler jam right passed everyone was exciting.

  2. Nate L.

    A tie, between Lindsey and Elisabeth both finishing the clean ladder on Saturday night and the thrilling finish to Fran between Talayna and Kristan Clever.

  3. Suttles

    Congratualtions Jon!!

    My favorite moment at the 2012 CrossFit Games was when Rich Froning put his arm around me. 🙂

  4. jamie K.

    I loved seeing all the athletes gather around the last person to finish the event. That is true CrossFit and I am so happy to be a part of this community.
    Jon, you were amazing! Congrats!

  5. my favorite part was watching Edwin lose his mind on SEVERAL occasions, while cheering people on. Edwin…your team spirit is contagious my man…Keep it up!

    Oh, and did you notice that in that “med-ball to over shoulder” WOD, Spealler was lifting his bodyweight? If that doesn’t tell you that you can get strong…I don’t know what will.

    Favorite WOD to watch: Jon’s rope climb and sled push. For Jon to overcome a weakness he used to have (rope climbs) to taking first in his heat…is a big deal. This should be a reminder to all of you to pick a WEAKNESS (just one) and start practicing it on your off time…Turn it into a strength, and don’t stop until you do.


    Besides being in that amazing environment all weekend long I would have to say my favorite moments were watching Jon never give up and finishing SO STRONG on the medball/HSPU and rope/sled WOD.

  7. Gerry: 126 65#, blue band
    Jenn G. 223
    Josh C. 141 45# Blue band
    Lesley J. 134RX
    shelley:141, 35lbs, green band
    bri 149 15#, green/black band
    josh p. 220# rx
    Matt A. 207 RX
    Robin 169, blue
    Sergio 161, blue
    donny 184
    John G 196 Rx
    #15,rings,step-ups 3x#45

  8. Monica 171 35#, green
    Casey 181 45 #, step ups, green
    Jamie 177, light purple
    Jon S 161 rx
    Pope 182 rx
    Meagann 173, purple red
    Anna 147 blue band 45#
    Trevor 162rx,
    Gina 175 grn band, 45#, step ups
    Amir: 131 45#, push press, SU, GRN
    Stepani: 158 50#, SU, GRN
    Clarissa: 134 45# RED
    Paul 185 Rx
    Autumn 164 45# Snatch purple band c2b
    Brett 214 sub burpees for hrpu sub bj for ghd

  9. My Favorite moment was watching Jon on the Sled push rope climb wod. Once he knew he took the lead in his heat you could see the fire in his eyes!! That was awesome to watch. Another favorite moment was watching him do the med ball hspu wod. Jon was one of the only athletes that did strict hspu, and he made them look easy!!! Great job Jon!

    On a side note my next favorite was Edwin telling Camille he loved her during the opening ceremony and her turning and giving him a big smile! 🙂

    Great Weekend!

  10. Don’t forget the Summerlicious Ab challenge ends this Saturday. Make sure you get those last abs in this week. If you will not be here on Sat then make sure to get your after picture and measurements done before Saturday! Good luck excited to see the results!

  11. 3:00
    Carrie (35#/20″/Green) 194
    Natalie (35#/20″/Green) 170
    anna 189rx
    fercia 174 all modified
    Bryant: 141
    Erik R:n 145 modified blue baND
    Jana V: 159 35# blue 20″
    Brenda: 148 25# green 20″ sub s/u for box
    Mike C. 237 rx
    phillip 179 skinny purple

  12. Thomas: 135 65# green band
    Team Pain: 172 mod
    Jesse: 110 blue
    Craig N. 306 65# (im a retard and thought i had 15’s on the bar)
    Coach Nancy – 228rx
    Erik F- 286 Rx’d
    Mike L. 221 RX

  13. 1800

    irving 146 rx
    Dustin 129 rx
    Melissa 154 35#, prpl
    Nate L: 163 Rx
    jason 88
    Jordan C: 166 rx, #35
    misty: 127 blu #45/35
    Katie: 117 purple #35
    Todd Porter: 191RX
    jackie hall:168 #45 blue band
    Bob K; 162 RX C2BPU small blue
    Drew 148 rx
    Gretchen Modified* 198
    Cindy 158 blue band

  14. Bob K

    Apologies to the 6pm class for my single vulgar outburst. My sailor mouth got me into a lot of trouble in Catholic high school days. I should’ve learned by now 🙂 Again, my apologies!

  15. 1900

    cecy 233 (preg-burp, hang snatch, stepups, rr #35)
    Floyd 117 Blue band
    markmcr 142 black band
    Mike F: 165
    Joyce 157/ red/ 55#
    Rachel R- 162 45#/blueM
    Matt F.-204RX
    MIKE B. HOPE – 177RX
    Corey 190 rx
    Ruth 163 45# blue band
    Edwin 178 RX 1k 3:58
    ALI 158RX