Monday 04-16-12

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  1. 0900 class

    todd wdidick 5:27
    Nathan 5:34 #135, Box
    CASEY 6:12 65LBS. 2AB MATS
    josh p. 5:18rx
    KJ 7:18 24 Box for HSP
    LaMarre 7:15rx
    Margie 7:57 95# thinner green & blue band
    Monica 7:21 95# box
    jeanette 6:30 box
    Dom 5:08RX
    Peyton 11:36 rx
    anna 8:45 155#, blue bands
    Brett 12:20 155# 2abmat
    Gaby Fran 9:40 RX
    Susan 8;59 105# med ball sit ups 21 3x
    Autumn 10:58 125# HPU

  2. I’m into hiking right now as my sport. I hope that Daniel starts playing more sports as he gets older…then I’ll probably be switching sports:)

  3. Hey Ladies – if you preordered some cfrc gear we have it here ready for you. When you come in just let a Coach know you already preordered clothes and they can get it for you. For those of you that didn’t already order something the clothes on the racks is free game 🙂 Just get in here soon cause this stuff flies off the shelves!

  4. Arianna

    For all the CF ladies out there, I need your help!

    I’m going to order some inov8’s but have a small and narrow foot. I wear a size 6 in women and understand I should order 1.5 sizes down since they are unisex (so a 4.5). The only site that has my size and color charges for returns so I wanted everyone’s input on the fit before I buy them. Do you guys think inov8’s truly run 1.5 sizes down for women? Any input or advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated 🙂

  5. 330

    Mike C. 4:51rx
    Cat 6:10 65lb box
    Raymond 11:50 145lbs
    Jana V 4:50 box #85lb
    Wayne Fran 11:25
    Matt F. 5:41 GHD hspu
    wes 4:40 RX
    Scott 10:54 rx by-in 7
    JoJo 10:58 225dl 2 pad HSPU
    Meagann 10:25 125#dl gr band HSPU
    Brandon 10:08 RX
    Landon 10:23 Box/knees HSPU (2k Row, Mike V.)

  6. Ari…they are a 1/2 size not 1.5. I am true to size, but everyone else I know ordered a 1/2 size smaller.

    And I want to get into standup paddle boarding more. I have done it twice and plan on doing it more this summer!!!

    Landon: good job! 🙂

  7. 430

    cecy 6:08 (115# & db press)
    Craig 6:41 rx
    8:16 (155lb box hand stand)
    Leslie J 8:47 (65# box handstand)
    Ari 7:49 (green top band, blue bottom band HSPU) 115#
    Mel 8:54 box
    Suttles: 10:21 #135 HSPU: Blue/Green
    Jamie Fran 7:22 light purple band

  8. Arianna

    Thank you to all of the coaches who offered me advice on the inov8’s. I appreciate you sharing your wisdom 🙂

  9. Cecy

    Arianna, hope you read this. I’m a 6.5 and I have a really skinny foot. I bought the inov-8 in my size and they fit fine. This is what my shoe says: CM-23 EU-37 UK-4 US M-5 US W-6.5. So maybe it is 1.5 size smaller in mens size. I think they might’ve felt a little snug like most shoes feel in the beginning but they fit perfect now.

  10. 1730
    Kristine 7:22 #75, box hand stands
    Jason Alexander 8:27 225# 2 ab mats
    Dustin: 7:21 box, #185
    Krystal: 5:32 box #65
    damion r 255 @ 7:03 box pushups
    Jamie 5:02 2 abmats
    Rich P: 7:15 #185 Box PU
    Adam 4:23 #185 Box HSPU (Mod. w/Box)

  11. 1830

    Abel 7:10 Rx
    Edwin 7:32 #175
    Thomas 5:34 #165, box
    Bob K 8:50 185# HSPU, last 9 Box
    Mark T. 6:37 135# , Box for all HSPU’s
    misty 7:20 75# box
    Lacey: 12:29 (125#/1 abmat)
    Robin: 5:50 (65#/box)
    Rachel: 6:11 (75lbs box)
    Tom 7:56 205# rx h/s
    Todd P: 9:15RX
    phillip 8:13 box
    Cliff: 9:20 rx
    Corey 6:41 185# box
    brad 735 155 box
    GERAMIE 7:51 RX

  12. Arianna

    @cecy: thank you very much! i appreciate the advice and i will order the US M-4.5 US W-6 and hope for the best 😉

  13. Arianna

    @robin: it was nice seeing you today 😀 i tried to find you on FB when i got home but no luck 🙁 if you see this – i’m listed under arianna armon, hopefully you can find me…